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Hosting WordPress Subdomain-Based Multisite Networks

We support both subdomain and subdirectory URL structures for your Multisite WordPress network. Why go the subdomain route? Let’s say you have a growing group of active users/clients who purchase and run a site within your network. Setting up your Multisite in a subdomain fashion will afford this type of flexibility but not without some minor complexities (which can be a turn-off for some hosting providers).

Mapping Your Sub-Sites In Multisite

When creating new sub-sites that each hold a unique domain, you’ll need to have a redirection set up for each subdomain you’re “mapping” to your Multisite. For any sub-site you have running, you’re able to add a domain alias right from within your Pagely Atomic dashboard with the ability to attach a wildcard alias to the domain. Once you’ve added those aliases, just make sure you’ve updated DNS to point traffic to your Pagely server.

Make Sure Your Multisite Is Secure

Wondering how to lock down the security angle to protect your Multisite and SEO ranking? We support wildcard SSL certificates that will signal to your visitors https://site1.example.com and https://site2.example.com are safe. Note: if you’re running a subdirectory Multisite, standard or EV certificates suit these best and can be easily installed on your Pagely app.

We strive to make the most dependable and agile infrastructure to accommodate any of your WordPress hosting needs. If you’re experiencing restrictions or other concerns, connect with our sales team to see if Pagely is the right match for you.

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