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Introducing Amazon S3 and Pagely’s Press3 Service

Press3 is an in-house developed solution by our Pagely staff that allows you to automatically offload your static assets to your own AWS S3 bucket — saving you money. By using Press3, you can help minimize the storage costs on your Pagely VPS account while still retaining your large library of images or other static assets. And all this happens transparently to the end user.

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is an object storage service designed to deliver better balance between cost and scalability. Users can trust their files are copied to multiple servers across multiple facilities, yet still do it economically.

S3 can be used for a variety of purposes; we use it at Pagely for securely storing your application backups, and now, to help you save money on storage for your ever-expanding digital asset library.

How Can I Use Press3?

Press3 automatically uploads your media assets to your S3 bucket directly once they reach a certain age. To put into context, if you have images you are storing from old WordPress posts that might not get a lot of traffic but still need to remain intact for historical purposes, Press3 is an optimal way to retain those while saving on valuable, costly storage space.

Find storage allotments and other resources paired with our VPS plans in our comparison matrix.

When a visitor lands on your page, the server will check to see if the image already exists in your local files. If not, Press3 will then reroute to your S3 bucket to retrieve/render the image from there instead. For any proceeding users who then visit the same page that has loaded those images from Press3, those images are cached by our PressCDN service to ensure optimal speeds.

If you have a trove of static assets tied to your WordPress website, Press3 gives you the perfect opportunity to leverage AWS’s secure and cost-effective S3 storage at Pagely.

See basic requirements on how to create an Amazon S3 bucket and how to update your access policies for it to talk to your Pagely VPS.

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