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How Do We Clear the WordPress CDN?

At Pagely, every VPS plan is allotted a set amount of CDN, called PressCDN, fully backed by AWS CloudFront. Pagely’s handling of CDN and caching for you means you can ditch any plugins you might be using right now to do this same work, as these plugins put more load on your server even while working less optimally.

PressCDN clears automatically when you publish or modify a post or page. Information on cache expiration and additional PressCDN details can be found in our article: How To Purge All The Cached Pages/Assets.

You can force purge either or both CDN & cache manually via the Pagely tab in your WordPress admin or via your Atomic dashboard interface for the site in question under the PressCDN™ tab. A corresponding timestamp from your latest purge will be reflected adjacent to the cache button.

Learn how to Purge CCS Cache Automatically After Editing a File by modifying the CSS link.

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