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Does Pagely Handle My WordPress Updates?

Yes. We perform updates across the entire stack for our customers and relieve this headache and concern with keeping WordPress maintained, secure and running smoothly.

What That Stack Covers:

WordPress core, all WordPress plugins listed in your repository, Kernel updates, OS revisions, PHP, MySQL, NGINX and Apache (if you’re using it). We won’t touch your website’s theme, so customers will be responsible for initiating those updates.

Find information on Apache-NGINX vs NGINX-Only Modes for your web server configuration and which is appropriate when.

Is There Downtime During Updates?

Our core & plugin upgrade/update process occurs in the background and is a non-event for users and therefore does not require any downtime. WordPress core point release updates are mandatory and automatic. These are typically applied within a two-five week window for better compatibility and quality assurance. Plugin updates are done every 24 hours and are also automatic by default.

Note: Check out our Support KB article on How Pagely Handles Updates for details around deployment of WordPress core releases and options for disabling auto-updates.

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