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Expanding Your Disk Space Allotment:

Disk space is generally composed by the WordPress media gallery (i.e. all of the photos and files attached to a given post or page). We have disk expansion options available if your storage needs exceed your VPS plan’s allotment. Add-on pricing is displayed on our pricing page.

Offload To Amazon S3

If you have a multitude of files, there are other options to offload your storage footprint. Many customers will choose to utilize the “Offload to S3” plugin to automatically route all uploads to their personal S3 bucket. It temporarily stores them on your server while it syncs to your S3 account in the background and there’s a setting to have it perform garbage collection on your server once the file is in S3. Those files would still leverage our CDN.

Setting Up Your Own S3 Bucket

Creating your own Amazon S3 bucket would be a separate billable product from your Pagely invoice, but a more economically approachable solution as you scale up. This is applicable for both single and multisite WordPress instances.

If your site can run on NGINX web server (our team can help verify that for you once we migrate you over), this would be a route you could take. If it needs to run in combination with Apache, this Delicious Brains plugin would accomplish the same thing.

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