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Who qualifies as a right fit for your VBURST plans?

Our VBURST options are perfect for low, modest traffic sites that get small bursts of traffic or have CPU intensive processes that run infrequently (up to a few times a day in short bursts). WordPress applications that are highly cacheable like a blog or static marketing site tend to perform best on these solutions.

Both the VBURST-1 & 2 plans are CPU throttled products utilizing Amazon Web Service’s burst credits under their T-Series line. As your website(s) continue to run on a baseline level of CPU performance, you’ll be accumulating and storing these credits with the ability to burst your CPU usage to weather temporary volumes of traffic spiking you might see.

Another great use case for our VBURST plans is allocating your staging instances to live in a dedicated environment exclusively for your development needs, separate from your production server’s resources.

We always strive to lend our customers the right tools and insights in order to be proactive in avoiding future complications with scaling your traffic here. Under the PressFormance tab in your Pagely Atomic dashboard, you’ll find a weekly graph showing your credit availability and how those credits are being eaten by your visitor patterns. For a deeper understanding of how your website’s holding up on your current plan, our Ops team is only a support ticket away to address your longer term goals for sustaining a healthy website.

If you’re unsure exactly where your traffic and website needs fall, give our sales team a shout and we can help map out your options and recommend a proper foot forward. In the event you did graduate from the CPU credit system, it’s a quick & easy change in upgrading to our fully-powered production-ready plans.

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