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Where does Pagely support draw the line on management vs development assistance?

As your managed WordPress hosting provider, we’re assuming the DevOps role by offloading those tedious responsibilities and critical thinking required for keeping WordPress performant, secure, reliable, maintained and backed up.

If a problematic issue presents itself within those areas we’re on the case to investigate, diagnose and remediate the concern on your behalf or at the least, guide you towards a proper solution. For example: if you’re using a plugin which is bogging the database down with long-running queries we’ll address it and work with you to find a substitute or simply deactivate it. Serving-tuning and other critical jobs that fall within the DevOps realm is in our hands to mitigate, delivering the level of assurance and security Enterprise caliber companies require.

Any assistance regarding cosmetic/functionality changes is where we draw the line for support assistance – we won’t rewrite your plugins or refactor your code. In some cases we are able to make minor fixes that address the root culprits of issues and allow you to continue using your current setup but the appropriate is expectation is you’ll need to work with a developer to make those modifications.

If you don’t have an in-house developer to point to, no problem! We’re happy to pair you with any of the half-dozen talented agency partners we vouch for showcased on our Agencies Page.

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