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How should customers address a performance issue with Pagely?

If you have any questions or issues concerning the performance of your website, we encourage customers to open a support ticket to explore these on a deeper level. Our team will be able to help identify and diagnose any bottlenecks restricting your overall site speed and performance.

Often times, we’re able to make minor fixes on our customer’s behalf and remediate those culprits in order for you to continue running on your current setup. It’s important to note that while Pagely is acting as your expert DevOps team for providing support around enhancing performance (amongst other critical areas), any code refactoring or functionality changes of your WordPress site resides on the customer’s plate to address.

Our customer can pair a Custom Monitoring node at an additional fee with their VPS that monitors the overall health of your server and can be configured to alert you on whatever metrics you decide is most important to you, ultimately shortening resolution times even further and giving you more control over your performance. We can also configure it to monitor high-value pages of your site. At this stage, you’re gaining as close to the same level of insight as we have through our AWS portals.

If you need development assistance, we’re happy to pair you with a recommended partner agency of ours who can work with you to achieve these goals.

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