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Go Live

When you are ready to make you site live (See  pointing traffic to Pagely) on your actual domain, do the following. 1. In Hosting Panel click Apps > All Apps > the domain you'd like… View

How do I point traffic to Pagely? DNS / CNAME

There are 3 ways to point your domain traffic to Pagely. These are via: A record / IP address CNAME  PressDNS We suggest you use a CNAME when you can. To get the values specific… View

Purge CSS cache automatically after editing the file

We cache everything pretty aggressively at pagely. Including your CSS files. This can be problematic if you are editing your css on a live site and find that your changes are not reflected when you… View

Help me learn about WordPress Performance Optimization

Pagely takes care of most of this for you. However is it always best to understand the why and how. Here is a great article explaining the in's and outs of WordPress Performance Optimization


Definitions to Managed WordPress Hosting Terms Many functions occur behind the scenes of your WordPress site. Some of the functions are complex while others are quite simple. In the following glossary, you will find definitions… View

Force SSL or non SSL/HTTPS

Our system is globally load balanced and does not utilize the standard HTTPs headers. To force https, modify your main .htaccess file as RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-Pagely-SSL} off RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L] NOTE: Forcing HTTP will only… View

My SSL Certificate Provider is asking for your server type?

When purchasing an SSL certificate you may be prompted for the server type. Please choose the following. Apache or Apache + Mod SSL SHA-256 - if option is provided

What is PressCACHE™ and how does it work?

PressCACHE™ is our caching mechanism used here at Pagely and has 3 primary aspects. PressCACHE handles the caching of your site content (rendered HTML pages) to speed up delivery of your WordPress site. Settings are accessed directly… View

How do I purge all the cached pages/assets for my site.

Pagely aggressively caches your page output and your .css, .js and images.  These assets can be cached for hours or weeks depending on the type. Some useful things to know. Whenever you update a post/page,… View

What is your backup system like? How do I access my backups?

We provide completely managed and automated nightly backups of all of your files and databases, with a 14 day retention period.  Backups are archived in off-site secure storage at Amazon's S3 service, and can be… View

Enabling MultiSite on business Pro Plans

If you have purchased a Business Pro plan and wish to have MultiSite enabled, please open a new support ticket and our staff will be happy to assist you.  MultiSite on will not work… View

2-Factor Authentication

We have recently added 2FA to all Pagely Atomic accounts. [What is 2FA]  2FA adds another layer of security to your account and we encourage all customers to utilize it. To Enable, Login to Atomic… View

What are typical response times for support?

Support is most active 9am - 8pm MST Monday through Friday. During these hours you're almost guaranteed to get a response within one hour. We do monitor during the off hours and provide UK support… View

Updating major releases: WordPress 3.4, 3.5.. etc.

We do not push major WordPress releases immediately. Major releases like 3.5 are typically feature enhancements whereas minor releases like 3.5.1 are security and bug related. Minor Releases are pushed instantly. Major releases are typically pushed… View

How do I migrate my WordPress Site to Pagely?

Q: How Do I migrate my WordPress Site to Pagely Method 1: Purchase a business plan or higher and let Pagely do the migration for free. Method 2 (Start fresh and clean, we like this… View

How do I login to my Pagely Hosting Account control Panel?

Simply point your browser to and login with your 'hosting' account email and password.  This is likely not the same as your WordPress username and password.  

Current edge locations in use by PressCDN

The following PressCDN edge locations are in premium data centers with best-in-class hardware for increased speed and reliability. Standard Locations: EU Locations: Amsterdam Paris Frankfurt LondonUS Locations: New York, Virginia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, San… View

How do I reset my SFTP username/password?

If you have enabled FTP access resetting the username and password is straightforward.  Login to Atomic Click Sites > All Sites, then your domain name for to the site your wish to modify. Site Details, click the… View

How do I SFTP into my Pagely site?

First, you need to enable FTP for your domain. Login to Atomic, Sites > All Sites, click the domain you want to manage then App Details. Then click Enable sFTP.   Working Examples of Common FTP Clients… View

Introducing PressARMOR™

PressARMOR is a comprehensive security architecture developed by Pagely® that hardens and protects our network, hardware, and WordPress applications. The primary focus is on prevention and the mitigation of risk to clients. Secure WordPress Hosting… View

Using PressDNS™

ATTENTION: This is currently in the BETA phase of development so this system should be used with caution and at risk of downtime. We currently don't have any issues but with new releases it is… View

Deploying your sites with Git + DeployHQ

Integrating Deployhq for git based deployments is a simple solution for managing responsible WordPress deployments. Before setting this up please make sure you already have an ssh or sftp account that has access to the server.    … View

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We never thought of it as customer service; we just treat people how we would wish to be treated.
Sally Strebel, Co-Founder + CMO

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