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[New] Our base managed WordPress plan. Host up to 5 WordPress sites with fully managed updates and security. PressCDN, PressCache, PressDNS, and PressArmor standard. SSL Available.



[New] A WordPress Optimized Powerhouse. SSH + WP_CLI + Redis + Staging + Database access complemented by 3.75GB of RAM on this SSD Backed Amazon c4.large instance.

200GB BW
1000GB CDN


[New] Step up from VPS1 with 2x the RAM and compute resources. These WordPress optimized c4.xlarge are ideal for applications using E-Commerce or Membership systems with higher concurrency requirements.

300GB BW
2000GB CDN

VPS-1+ [HA]

[New] A load balanced and synchronized pair of VPS-1 nodes in separate availability zones for maximum uptime and increased concurrent connections. This High Availability configuration serves several of million monthly pageviews with ease.

500GB BW
3000GB CDN

VPS-2+ [HA]

[New] A load balanced HA configuration of VPS-2 nodes makes 2x the RAM and compute resources available. This High Availability solution is ideal for resource intensive E-Commerce or Membership applications at scale.

750GB BW
5000GB CDN

Enterprise WordPress Hosting.



We offer six (6) pre-configured Enterprise WordPress Hosting plans for High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and extreme high traffic needs. Custom Clusters can be provisioned at any size and utilizing nearly any AWS service as well such as Elastic Search.

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@Pagely has the BEST customer service/support I think I’ve ever had from a hosting service. Very impressed.

Justin Seeley

Common Pre-Sales Questions Answered.

Do you offer phone support?

Q: Do you offer phone support? A: Not at this time, although this is on the roadmap for the future. Our online support system is always available. We have been known to provide support via twitter as well (@pagelysupport).

Am I required to sign a long term contract?

No, you may cancel anytime for any reason.

Can I add affiliate links and ads to my site?

Q: Can I add affiliate links/products and ads to my Pagely site? A: Yes

How many sites can I have on my plan?

Our personal plan allows 1 WordPress install. Other plans allow multiple WordPress installs per plan. See our full list of plans and the # of WP installs allowed here...

Do you offer free trials?

Please check our pricing page for details. We will offer free trials from time to time. 

What are typical support response times?

Q: What are typical support response times? A: M-F during business hours we turn around tickets usually within the hour. In the evenings, weekends, or holidays it may be as much as a couple of hours. The team that manages our servers and network are 24/7/365 and they will know about and fix any system wide problem long before you likely realize there was a problem in the first place.   

Do you allow adult sites?

Sites need to be presented in a tasteful manner. Nudity is allowed if presented well. Porn or sexual acts is never allowed.

Do you offer a security guarantee?

Yes! Security to us is more than just marketing hype. While we do not advertise as having such a guarantee we have always considered it our job to keep your site safe, secure, and hack-free. In the extremely rare instance an issue arises our technical engineers have always corrected the issue quickly and at no cost to the customer. This has ALWAYS been a feature of Pagely not just a fancy marketing gimmick to make you… View

What are your hours of operations for sales?

Our most active hours for sales are between 9am - 6pm MST. Although the team does often respond within a couple hours on the less active hours. 

How does Pagely® compare to regular shared hosting companies?

Our servers are built to ensure maximum optimization and security specifically for WordPress. Unlike standard hosting we do not have to make any compromises for other CMS systems or files. We focus only on WordPress to ensure best performance. Our team is built of expert WordPress professionals that will tackle any issues that may arise. Other benefits include: auto WordPress core updates. auto Plugin updates.  Database optimization. Live security scans and multilevel firewall protection. Support… View

Can I run WordPressMU or WP3.0 in Multi Site mode?

Yes but only on the VPS plans or higher.

How does Pagely® compare to other WordPress hosting companies?

As the original WordPress Hosting service Pagely was the first to develop a hosting platform for managing WordPress sites at scale. More recently we were the first to release a full API for developers. Finally, Pagely is by far the most secure WordPress host around. While others outsource their malware cleanup to 3rd parties, we prevent it from even happening. Pagely serves all types of customers with a perfected balance of performance, support, and security.

How does Pagely handle core & plugin updates?

Pagely offers automatic updates of WordPress core and any plugins. Our system is uniquely designed to keep thousands of WordPress sites updated, secure, and running smooth like butter. Our upgrade process happens in the background and is a non-event. Core files are updated as new releases come out and plugins are updated daily.  Can I opt out of upgrades? No, well sorta. The Core will be upgraded regardless to maintain security throughout the service. All… View

Which plugins and themes are allowed?

Nearly all WordPress themes are compatible. Some cache intensive themes may need modifications to work as expected. We do forbid a small list of plugins that can pose performance problems for our servers.  This is mostly due to high disk and/or database usage. You can view the current list of banned plugins below. Stats Plugins***These plugins are resource hogs and we suggest using Google Analytics instead.wp-slimstatsimple-statsnewstatpressstatpressvisitor-stats-widgetcounterizestatpress-visitorswp-statisticstrack-that-statstatsstatpress-reloadedgosquared-livestatswassupvsf-simple-statswp-postviewsfirestats Backup Plugins ***These plugins conflict with our own robust… View

Can I change the default plugins or themes?

Yes, each Pagely install is pretty much unrestricted. Use the WordPress Plugin and Appearance menus to search for and install new plugins and themes at any time.

Can I add new plugins or themes?

Yes. Each Pagely install is pretty much unrestricted. Use the WordPress Plugin and Appearance menus to search for and install new plugins and themes at any time.

Does Pagely work with ______ theme?

Yes, Pagely works with all WordPress themes.  You may search for and add new themes via the Appearance menu. You may also upload a theme.

Can I run eCommerce on my Pagely site?

Q: Can I run eCommerce on my Pagely site? A: Yes, with these important caveats. You must use a WordPress eCommerce plugin such as WooCommerce or Cart66 as these are specifically designed to work within the WordPress framework. You MUST use Paypal, Authorize.Net, Recurly, Google Checkout or some other payment processor as you cannot capture/store credit card information of users directly. Not Following #1 or and #2 is a violation of Terms of Service and grounds… View

Do you offer direct database access?

We do not provide direct access on standard plans (Personal - Ultimate), but we do on VPS and Enterprise. You can install this plugin to access the database through your WordPress dashboard as a workaround for standard plans.  

What other 3rd party software can I run on my Pagely site?

Q: What other software can I run on my Pagely site? A: None. We are a WordPress only service and therefore only allow WordPress software on our system. You may use any WordPress theme or plugin, including BuddyPress, bbPress, and eCommerce plugins. Essentially the software has to be designed to work within WordPress. There may be a little flexibility for VPS and Enterprise customers, so if you're considering one of those plans, please inquire. Note:… View

Can I run any non-WordPress software on my plan with you guys?

No, we only allow WordPress installs on our servers. Any files unrelated to WordPress will be flagged by our security maid and removed. If you have a VPS or Enterprise account there may be more flexibility so please inquire for details if you're considering one of those plans.

Can I use a test/preview URL before switching my website/domain over?

Q: Can I use a test/preview URL before switching my website/domain over? Yes. All sites created with an existing domain are given a temporary URL to login and build your website prior to switching over. 

Do you host email?

Pagely does not provide email service. If email is vital to your business, you should consider using a commercial 3rd party.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, during signup simply select the "Use A Domain I Already Own" option and fill it in.

Can I use a subdomain like

Q: Can I use a subdomain like A: Yes. On the signup page simply enter whatever domain or subdomain you wish to use (ignore the www). 

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