Our WordPress Hosting Plans

Free white-glove site migration of up to two sites and a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have questions about any of our hosting plans, we can help.

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Knowing that the Pagely team is there for us 24/7 has been invaluable, not to mention the reliability and visibility they provide. These have been extremely important factors in helping us meet our marketing needs for NGINX.com.

Alice Oh

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosted Plans

Nothing is more important than your time. Ensuring a website is reliable and properly updated isn’t the best use of time. Especially if your team isn’t equipped to support a secure WordPress hosting environment. Pagely offers month-to-month subscriptions to manage and optimize your site.

Single Node

Starting at $ 299/mo

Leveraging the scale of Amazon these single nodes have some built-in fault tolerance and are performance driven to serve one or many WordPress sites.

High Availability Pairs

Starting at $ 1249/mo

For Maximum reliability and uptime we offer HA pairs in active/active or active/passive configurations across different regions to ensure your WordPress site is available to your global audience.

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Enterprise WordPress Hosting plans

The demands of Enterprise are not those served by typical hosting platforms. You need flexibility, reliability, security, audits, developer tools, fail over and automated backups. More than that, your biggest need is to not worry. We got your back. The Pagely® enterprise WordPress hosting platform is our scalable web hosting solution designed for your needs. With high performance, continuous integration, deployment services, and monitoring options baked in. Our unique managed service also offers painless resource scaling, multi-region redundancy, and enterprise-grade security.

Preconfigured Plans

Starting at $ 2500/mo

  • C5.2xlarge (16GB Ram) or C5.4xlarge (32GB Ram)
  • Single Node or Load Balanced Pair
  • Single Multi-AZ RDS: MySQL or Aurora
  • 2TB+ CDN included
  • Deployed in any of 11 data centers

Custom Clusters

Starting at $ 5000/mo

  • ElasticSearch / ElasticCache Production/QA/Staging Environments Multi-Region Failover Recovery
  • Up to 5 Database slaves
  • Geo Caching

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WordPress solutions for Elite Publishers

As your audience grows and your hosting demands change, you may start to wonder if your current hosting solution is capable of scaling with your growth. At Pagely®, we've learned a few things in our first 10 years about serving WordPress content at scale. Most notably, the tricks & tweaks that make WP perform for a global audience, a platform that is 100% powered by Amazon Web Services, and a legendary dedication to our customer.We help big brands scale WordPress. To that end, we are happy to present the ultimate in scalable, performance-driven WordPress Hosting.

Amazon Advanced Technology SaaS Partner


$ 20000/mo

For the most demanding applications and clientele, we present the most comprehensive and powerful managed WordPress solution to date.

  • Bespoke HA Production Cluster
  • Separate Dev/Staging Nodes
  • Post-Deploy Code Review
  • 2 Support Seats
  • Full Site Monitoring/Alerts
  • Quarterly Performance Audit
  • Unlimited Dev/Staging Sites
  • Dedicated Aurora RDS Database Pair
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Custom Playbook/Documentation
  • One Hour Guaranteed Support Response

Optional add-ons that may apply

  • $1k/mo - Per Additional Regional Cache PoP
  • $1k/mo - Per Additional Database Replica
  • $3k/mo - Additional Support Seat
  • $10k/mo - Regional HA Clone
  • $1k setup - Per AWS Service (ie ElasticSearch)
  • $1k setup - PressThumb™ image service

NorthStack Serverless

NorthStack™ is managed application hosting built on a modern serverless AWS stack. Deploy vanilla or headless WordPress, Node, or static sites with ease. CPU, DB, Data Transfer, and Disk are independently metered and elastically autoscale.

Join the Beta

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Serverless infrastructure
  • Elastic auto-scaling
  • WordPress, Node.js, Laravel, and static site hosting.
  • Launching Q1 2019

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No Insane overage charges Clear prices for additional resources as you need them.

Bandwidth Expansion

  • 500GB Bandwidth$ 65/mo
  • 1TB Bandwidth$ 125/mo

Disk Expansion

  • 10GB Expansion SSD$ 15/mo
  • 100GB Expansion SSD$ 150/mo

PressCDN Expansion

  • Super 500GB CDN$ 40/mo
  • Mega 1TB CDN$ 80/mo
  • ZOMG 5TB CDN$ 225/mo
  • Hyper 10TB CDN$ 350/mo
  • Hyper 15TB CDN$ 450/mo

The Pagely Way

Free white-glove site migration for up to two sites

Technology to maximize your site’s performance

A 30 day money back guarantee, and stellar customer service



The support and service that Pagely provides is worth every penny - and more.

Craig Davis

All plans include the following


Route 53 Latency reduced DNS


Faster sites are better sites


Global CDN for WordPress


Advanced Network Security


Dynamic Image Optimization


Performance and Security Analytics

Powered by Amazon

The World Leader

Expert Support

Ticket & Live Chat

Managed WP Upgrades

Managed Core/Plugin Updates

Automatic Backups to S3

14 day Retention

Redis Cache Engine

Cache All the Objs

HTTP/2 + PHP7.x

Faster is better

Staging + Sync

Work smarter

SSL Management

3rd Party or Let's Encrypt


WP Dev's Rejoice

SSH + DB Access

For the brave

Version Control

Git/SVN you decide

WordPress Hosting by Pagely

#1 Managed WordPress Platform

Nearly a decade of experience Managing WordPress at Scale. That knowledge translates to a better quality product & service and a deeper tribal knowledge we pass along to our customers.

Fully Managed WordPress

Let us handle all the technical aspects of hosting WordPress. That means updates to both core and plugins, proactive security, and advanced tuning for optimal speed and performance under load on your VPS.

Powered by AWS

By using Amazon Web Services your WordPress site gains the unbeatable performance, redundancy, and scalability available to the biggest brands in the world.

Built in Redundancy

Redundancy means we have duplicated critical components and functions of each system so that in the event of any type of failure, there are mechanisms in place to quickly provide a backup or replacement. High Availability plans available.

A Modern Hosting Stack

Leverage the latest in performance technologies including PHP7 to accelerate WordPress. Proprietary NGINX/OpenResty HyperProxies that deliver unmatched speed. We utilize Redis to further accelerate the WordPress experience.

Automatic Daily Backups

Your entire site and database is backed up daily and stored on Amazon s3. Download or restore a copy with ease. You are able to push backups to your own s3 account/bucket as well.

Expert Technical Support

Real experts that use WordPress everyday that know the ins and outs of getting the most from the application. Support available 24.7

SSL Acceleration

Benefit from faster loads times over https:// with built in HTTP/2 SSL acceleration.

Developer Friendly Tools

SSH + GIT + Staging + WP-CLI available on upper tier plans. WordPress Hosting REST API available to all accounts.

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