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Accepted Payment Methods & Additional Billing Info:

We accept payment by credit card, ACH, wire-transfer — and we can work with Purchase Orders and custom billing portals. Monthly billing cycles required a credit card on file for continued payments. Annual payments are accepted through any of the aforementioned methods. Monthly payments are only permitted by credit card.

To receive an invoice on annual payment terms, we require a signed Purchase Order on company letterhead to provision your new Pagely server and proceed with the Onboarding process.

Payments made on an annual basis will happily realize a 5% discount on your hosting bill (excluding additional website migrations charged in a separate invoice).

Switching Billing Cycles

Both your billing methods and billing cycles can be easily adjusted from inside your Pagely Atomic dashboard. See our articles on Changing Your Billing Cycle and Changing Your Payment Method to see how to toggle between those options.

Custom Billing Portals

If your organization uses a vendor management portal to navigate pending invoices, we’re certainly able to accommodate those needs to customers operating under an Enterprise plan. Please head over to our website and review our Terms of Service for any further clarification and full disclosure on payment terms and conditions.

Note: Adding a credit card when first signing up for a subscription is the fastest route to finalizing your account and launching on Pagely. Your credit card will be charged immediately upon completion of the new account via our secure signup wizard.

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