Process for Success Follow along for a successful launch.

Pagely Onboarding

Here's what you can expect on your journey with us, from to start to launch - and beyond.

Sales Consultation (1)

When you initially reach out to our Sales team you'll have questions about our plans, capabilities, and any special requirements for your project. You will also be interested in ballpark pricing or a recommendation for a specific hosting plan to get started with right away.

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We'll answer these questions in our initial email response and encourage you to schedule a call with us to dive deeper into your solution. On this call we will take detailed notes for our team to reference as we go and talk through any specific questions you or your technology team may have.

Once you are satisfied we'll be a good fit and we've agreed to work together, you'll sign-up for your account and select a plan at that time or we'll activate your custom plan in short order.

Legal Agreement (2)

Some of our customers require bespoke modifications to our legal terms to suit their specific concerns. Most typically do not and 'click-thru' the terms upon signup.

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We are flexible and can work with your legal team to negotiate fair and equitable adjustments as required. [1]

Planning (3)

You have an individual or team responsible for deploying and managing your web properties and they need to be brought into the loop to get started with deployment and testing of your WordPress application.

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Your dedicated Onboarding Czar (OBC) will facilitate communication, schedules, and details as you move towards your guided launch. Your OBC will be available to assist you with:

  • adding account collaborators/access
  • live conversation between your team and ours
  • configuration and deployment options
  • advise you on the recommended use of support channels available to you

Test & Tune (4)

Your team has been working diligently deploying code and updating site content. The launch date is near and it is time to really put your managed hosting environment through its paces.

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Our DevOps and Support teams, facilitated by your OBC, assist you with performance benchmarking, high level code review for performance and security concerns, and needed adjustments to the configuration to achieve desired levels of performance and stability. Any plan/resource enhancements typically happen at this time now that we have modeled live-traffic patterns.

Your team starts internally discussing content and code freeze dates in preparation of launch.

Guided Launch (5)

You've set a date for launch and have lowered the TTL's on your DNS records in preparation.

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Your OBC will schedule a cutover time with you to make sure our DevOps team is on hand and ready to help in real time, typically via a temporary[2] slack channel assigned for each customer.

During your pre-launch window you uncover a few issues and ask us for guidance on how best to mitigate them.

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Our DevOps team makes recommendations and configuration adjustments as needed. Any last minute preparation and tuning is done.

At the agreed upon time you switch over DNS and your traffic begins to serve for your new Pagely environment.

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Our DevOps team monitors performance and makes adjustments in real time and communicates with you any made or necessary changes.

After your successful launch you enjoy an adult beverage and the adulation of your peers.

Ongoing Support (6)

Your OBC makes a smooth handoff to our Support department whom you've already been working with. You utilize the support channels made available to you as needed, but primarily utilize the ticket system for all non-critical issues as you understand the important of good record keeping.

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Our skilled Support team is available 24.7 to assist you with any and all concerns. Tickets work best, but sometimes late at night they share cat memes with you over live chat.

Epilogue (7)

You have a great idea for a new site, or you are so pleased with our service you wish to bring over additional properties. All you need to do is contact our sales team and repeat this process.

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We all discuss it internally and agree you were a swell customer that was great to work with and followed this process effectively, we like you so much in fact our marketing team ask's to feature you in a case study.

Some time later, maybe years even, you move on to a new position, or a new company, and reflect fondly on your Onboarding experience with Pagely. Before you left you made sure to introduce us to your replacement and assign them as our point of contact for ongoing support.

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We're still here, doing our thing, missing you.

Trust the Process

Our most successful clients follow this process with us and take advantage of the skilled services we provide. Let us help you deploy, launch, and scale your WordPress site today.

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  1. [1] Custom Legal is available only on Enterprise or Custom plans
  2. [2] Slack channels are setup on a temporary basis for most clients during the Onboarding phase and typically closed shortly after guided launch. Dedicated slack channels are available on some plans for additional monthly fees.