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What’s the Difference Between HA & Non-HA Plans?

Our single server instances act as our non-HA plans and therefore provide a single dedicated instance with a separate RDS for supporting the database. HA, abbreviated for High Availability is a load balanced hosting plan that offers a pair of whichever plan you select, all of which are backed by Amazon EC2.

For example, if you chose the Performance HA plan, you would be leveraging two web servers of the same size, CPU and memory capacity. While this affords you added horsepower over a standard single node setup, in some cases a larger singles sized may be more appropriate depending on your goals.

Read our blog article: Scaling Up Vs. Scaling Out – What’s the Difference? to best understand when each is best suited towards specific goals and needs.

Choosing High Availability For Your Website:

High Availability is beneficial for software specific problems as well as better management of traffic surges. HA affords you the luxury of multiple points of failure automatically set in motion to secure more stability and protection from downtime for your WordPress sites. With each AWS EC2 instance located in a separate Availability Zone within an AWS region, customers can be reassured of higher resiliency and measures in place for advanced uptime standards.

As with most things associated with information technology, in certain circumstances server software can unexpectedly become unresponsive (while rare under Amazon’s stellar track record) which can then allow the secondary server to assume full responsibility and pick up the slack. HA is designed to minimize that risk one step further.

24/7 Ongoing Monitoring

Our response time to restore availability is extremely prompt with active 24/7 monitoring for all plan options at Pagely, with HA CNAME health checks in place for immediate alerting to our DevOps experts. Typically in the event of an issue, the impact goes unnoticed but it’s always safe to leave a little room for exceptions depending on your needs. If a server does becomes unavailable then we are often able to restore access before you’ve even become aware of any problem.

If you have any questions about determining which solution is ideal for your organization’s web requirements, chat with our sales staff who are happy to offer you consultative advice.

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