Multi-Zone and Multi-Region WordPress for your global business.

Load Balanced WordPress hosting for increased performance, maximum uptime, and disaster recovery scenarios.

High Availability (HA) hosting for WordPress spreads the workload over 2 or more servers in different zones that reduce the risk of an outage during maintenance events, unforeseen outages, or traffic spikes. Server clusters may be setup in an active/active configuration for maximum concurrency or active/passive for failover protection.

Our VPS-1+ and VPS-2+ are standard HA plans. We also have 3 Enterprise HA plans available.

Powered by Amazon

We chose Amazon Web Services for the same reasons respected brands worldwide do, they provide the backbone to much of the internet. Leverage the Amazon Cloud with the personalized support and app management of Pagely.

Expert Support

No Hype, just real engineers standing by to assist you with deployment, migration, and scaling your WordPress VPS instance.


We manage the application and server stack for you. Pagely handles the application and kernel upgrades, performance tuning, and security of your WordPress instance. Your IT team will thank you.


  • Separate Availability Zones
  • Up to 5 Database nodes
  • SSH + Database Access
  • Redis based Object Cache
  • PHP 7 + HTTP/2
  • Global caching available
  • Dev/Stage/Prod available
  • GIT/SVN deployment management

Custom clusters of any size

WordPress Enterprise