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What Single Sign-On Options Does Pagely Support?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication software that allows a user to manage and access multiple sets of ID’s or login credentials within a single location. WordPress has a range of options for SAML/SSO plugins & integrations that are compatible with our service which are viable for accessing the admin.

One we’ve commonly recommended as a popular plugin supported here is the miniOrange plugin. We’ve found their’s to be the most reliable and performant without necessitating any particular hosting plan with us. Visit their linked wp-plugins page to review all features and versions available with their service. This is an SSO option that would allow users to seamlessly log in to your wp admin dashboard.

Our Banned Plugin List is a quick and easy self-serve resource for determining whether your proposed plugin falls under the list linked above.

Another option is Shibboleth, which we’ve seen used mostly by Higher Ed universities using WordPress. While we do support Shibboleth here, there are minimum plan requirements in place for accommodating the extended overhead and configuring involved.

Note: enabling SSO plugins will create a cookie for each active logged-in session, equating to more dynamic usage on the server. At any rate, our Sales team is happy to work with you for finding what the ideal solution is for your specific needs and verify whether we support a particular option you’re considering.

Additionally, Pagely offers SSO for accessing the Pagely Atomic dashboard for your organization’s team. Ask our Sales team for more information about plans offered with this capability.

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