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Do you support any of the composer elements in Bedrock?

We support deep webroots so you can have a symlink point to a releases/release-a, release-b folder and can then symlink to a shared directory outside of releases for assets that don’t need to change between each release.

Reloading PHP, NGINX, and Apache will be needed after doing a release, which we can provide a wrapper script for you to be able to do. We also provide a way to configure a post-receive hook in a Git repo hosted on a VPS to initiate the build and release process. You’d need to make the script but we can provide some basic examples. If you want to use webhooks instead to pull from something like github or bitbucket we can support that as well.

Here are some ways you can explore organizing your deployments shown in our 1-click github deployment support document as an alternative.

Often times, customers coming to us will utilize Bedrock to manage their WordPress stack, which is something we natively do for you and therefore this would conflict with our internal deployment and configuration processes. We require a standard WordPress file structure and disallow modifying that.

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