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Setting Up WordPress Multisite With Pagely?

In your Atomic dashboard, there’s a single-click option under the Apps tab where you can easily create a Multisite installation under your account. By default, Multisite is disabled when spinning up a new application, so you’d just need to tick the box next to Multisite, then click Save and Create.

Hosting WordPress Multisite On Your Pagely Plan

Creating a new Multisite installation through our dash will automatically build out the file structure and database. When thinking about how this will affect your plan’s site limit, Multisite networks count as a single WordPress app, so a single Multisite network would only fill one “slot” towards your total site cap.

This also means you can possible have more than one Multisite hosted on your VPS. While you can likely avoid hitting a site limit, you may eventually maximize your resource capacity set for your web server, primarily on the database which will constitute some adjustments. If you need to upgrade to a dedicated RDS with us, or your front-end server we have options for both circumstances.

Creating A Staging Environment For Your Multisite Apps

Adding a staging environment to your VPS is easy by following the same app creation steps outlined above. For cloning your Multsite network to another app, we have a robust profile cloning tool we’ve designed and built in-house our customers can use. It’s called the Pagely Clone Tool where you can find more information on using that in the linked KB article.

If you have any questions on configuring a Multisite with us, you’re always welcome to file a HelpDesk support ticket for further assistance.

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