Our Technology

WordPress has a very specific resource footprint and usage pattern. We’ve developed specific proprietary technologies and systems to scale and secure your WordPress app.

ARES Gateway

The ARES Gateway enables us to offer a faster and more flexible environment than other competitors. Remote Configuration and Push updates enabled Dynamic SSL and Let’s Encrypt support on top of a host of security, performance, and routing features. 


Latency and Geographically targeted routing for your WordPress site.

PressDNS works with our PressCACHE system to route requests, at the DNS level, to any of our global cache nodes (geo-routing). Powered by Amazon’s route 53 service, PressDNS makes it simple to take advantage of geo-balancing and geo-routing.


A global network of DNS routed cache nodes explicitly designed to serve WordPress page output. Your site, available instantly, from anywhere.

PressCACHE is a global WordPress acceleration system available for use by our clients. It works much like a CDN, but specifically designed to cache and serve WordPress page output.

Essentially, a request for your website is routed to one of our global PoPs (Point of Presence) closest to the user. This shortens the distance between the user and your website, ergo speeding up the load time of your site to a global audience. PressCACHE is available to all customers using our PressDNS nameservers.


A comprehensive security architecture developed by Pagely® that hardens and protects our network, hardware, and WordPress applications. The primary focus is on prevention and the mitigation of risk to clients.

Secure WordPress Hosting is just how we do business. For base-level security, we utilize a dynamic web application firewall (WAF) that blocks code injection attacks, known exploits, and rate limits access attempts. This greatly reduces the chance of a DDoS attack or Brute force attack succeeding.

On top of the above, we also practice chroot user separation and real-time system malware scanning. Scanning for malware means we’re constantly looking for things like trojan horses, viruses, worms, keyloggers, spyware, and adware. Additional rulesets at our network edge filter out much of the nefarious traffic long before it even has a chance to pass into our network.

Pagely has always considered it our mission to assist you in cleaning and restoring a site should it become compromised, free of charge.


Dynamically scale and serve image assets. Flexible, on-demand image management.

PressThumb is a simple drop-in service that can be enabled on your WordPress site to offload image optimization and thumbnail creation in real-time, saving on bandwidth, storage, and page size.


Performance monitoring, analytics, and assessments.

PressFORMANCE is a suite of services designed to keep your WordPress site operating in peak condition. Services include periodic site performance audits, testing, analytics tools and reporting. PressFORMANCE has also pursued a career in the media and moonlights as a content brand.



Best-in-Class Support

Every member of our support team is a bonafide engineer that can solve your issue without needing to escalate it. There’s no challenge we cannot solve.

Powered by Amazon

The leading-edge capabilities of the AWS Cloud, combined with the expertise of our team of engineers, create a true High-Availability WordPress hosting solution with unparalleled reliability.

Our Team of Experts

Pagely is comprised of a diverse and globally distributed team of experts. Everyone at the company is a leader, free to service our customers with the authority & responsibility needed to ensure our platform is industry leading.

Want to know more?

Let us know what questions you have and we’ll set up a complimentary consultation to discuss how Pagely can bring your website to the next level.