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What Server Statistics Are Available? Are There Alerts to Notify If Our Server is Getting Overloaded?

With our internal system in place, we receive proactive resource threshold alerts along with site uptime monitoring alerts that will trigger us to notify you as necessary. These are active measures we have in place 24/7 to prevent you from experiencing potential downtime in the future.

Under the PressFormance tab in your Pagely Atomic dashboard you’ll find recent graphs of your CPU usage. Additionally, customers can also SSH into their Pagely VPS to view current stats.

Find helpful screenshots across all of our dashboard features in our Getting Started Guide.

For customers who require deeper visibility into live reporting and more direct access to your WordPress application performance, there are a couple options to achieve this at Pagely:

  1. Adding a Custom Monitoring Node that uses Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana to create reports on your server’s health and examine the server-side details in real-time. This is an add-on feature that can be customized to receive any type of metric you wish to collect with alerting sent to you via email, Pager Duty, Slack, etc.

  2. Tying NewRelic into the server. We offer free New Relic installation as a courtesy to you, you would just need to purchase a license key to supply us with from their service.

Hear our Director of Hosting Ops talk more about how we can use Amazon’s performance insight tools to really get inside what your database is doing in one of our video case studies:

Customers can always open a support ticket to request a more formal rundown of your server’s health and CPU utilization history with our Operations experts to plan accordingly.

If you’re exploring Pagely as solution for hosting and scaling your WordPress websites and would like to learn more about your options, please contact sales.

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