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Does Pagely Limit Their Plans By Page Views?

We do not limit on our plans based on number of visits or page views. This is one of the many features that not only make our platform and service unique to Managed WordPress Hosting, but our philosophy as well. We actually feel this standard penalizes the user for your traffic growth by forcing additional fees to occupy your success.

All Pagely plans equip you with a dedicated AWS EC2 server with resources exclusive to only your WordPress sites. Our customers therefore aren’t subject to outside interference from others’ website performance that would be running on the same shared VPS.

Check out our KB article to learn about the Pagely architecture.

How Does Pagely Measure For Plan Sizing?

By using dedicated web servers to power your WordPress sites, we aren’t forced to mimic the rubric of how other hosts categorize their plan offerings. This means no hard rules or caps around page views, PHP Workers, or resource allocation.

When it comes to pairing your website’s needs with an appropriate plan, there are a variety of variables (average traffic, visitor patterns, cache hit-rates, plugin footprint of your site amongst others, etc.) that come into play. With the right level of refinement from our experts, the more optimized or code-efficient your WordPress site is, the greater we can extend that roadmap towards needing an upgrade. We leverage our PressCACHE™ layer as much as possible to achieve the best performance and scalability results.

Our job is to understand and digest these resource requirements, alongside other important goals of yours, with the objective of positioning you with the optimal plan designed to maximize performance with little sacrifice involved.

Additional Options:

For more direct insight into how your WordPress website will hold up on one of current hosting plan, we recommend load testing against your VPS while having our team monitor your server. These would be best driven prior to finalizing DNS cutover in order to determine the point at which the site starts to foil under severe load.

Stress tests would be administered on the customer side – and we have a few solid recommendations we can pass along once we’ve determined your testing needs and capabilities you’re looking for. We can help evaluate the results and tune your environment for best performance after you’ve ran those tests.

If you need assistance in determining the ideal plan to suit your needs, please contact sales. We’re more than happy to speak with you and help find a right fit.

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