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What Does Pagely’s Server Architecture Look Like?

Pagely operates exclusively on Amazon EC2 servers. Standard single node VPS plans (Developer, Performance, Performance+) provide one front end web node dedicated to serving your visitor traffic and no one else’s, with a separate shared Amazon RDS instance housing your database.

Learn how we use RDS and the rationale behind splitting the two to bring an advantage to our customers.

High Availability options (Performance+ [HA]) offer two EC2 nodes on the front end with a default shared RDS on the backend. File replication is set amongst your primary and secondary node using lsyncd in real-time to offer higher rates of durability and downtime protection for your WordPress applications.

If your websites are write-intensive or require a private, isolated database for sustaining stronger performance, we have dedicated AWS RDS server options we can provide for an additional fee with any of our hosting plans. Read more into when it makes sense to use a dedicated database by clicking here.

We’re fully committed to providing complete transparency into our hosting plan options. We feel it’s not as much a privilege, but a responsibility of ours to inform you on what you’re paying for. This is just one key ingredient found in our +1 customer support service philosophy to exceed your expectations.

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