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Does Pagely Offer Auto-Scaling?

All of our VPS hosting plans are designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Basing our architecture around dedicated AWS hardware, and multiple layers of caching, we are able to expertly scale millions of visitor requests without applying limits on page views. This means more individual freedom with how we can best serve your traffic at Pagely.

We protect your bottom line by actively monitoring your web servers for high CPU/memory utilization. If critical events are detected, our engineers will intervene to stabilize your environment for any unanticipated spiking that occurs.

Expecting an uptick in traffic? We can temporarily resize your web servers to successfully scale any level of activity you throw at it with the right amount of headroom available.

Are you looking for High Availability? We have hosting plans that split traffic amongst multiple web servers for higher rates of uptime and risk aversion.

Utilizing NGINX Caching

Our primary advantage to adjusting on-the-fly is to ensure our NGINX caching system is finely-tuned for reaching maximum capacity potential. The general rule of thumb is that full-page caching can consistently handle roughly two orders of magnitude more requests per second than PHP. For example, if PHP can do 50 requests/second, you can serve 5,000 requests/second with cached configured. At this rate, it’s possible to move from a 32 CPU core server to an 8 or even 4 core server if PHP isn’t having to process an extensive dynamic workload.

Our technical staff is the best when it comes to identifying and rectifying issues that might be precluding your assets and pages from utilizing cache. If you have a membership or WooCommerce site using PHP session variables, or cookies set by PHP, you will inherently have higher resource requirements than a site that caches well. We recommend load testing so our DevOps team can consult with you and highlight any areas for optimization and improvement.

Create a Custom Configuration

For the most demanding auto-scaling requirements, schedule a time with our sales team to explore possibilities around creating a custom cluster arrangement with multiple web servers positioned to auto-scale your traffic flows. We’ve built our systems around customizations, and specialize our focus on scaling high-traffic WordPress, no matter your needs.

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