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Does Pagely offer auto-scaling features?

Our VPS plans offer a unique approach to auto-scaling your more or less predictable spikes in traffic. Our primary answer to adjusting on-the-fly is to ensure our NGINX caching system is configured for reaching maximum capacity. The general rule of thumb is that full-page caching can handle roughly two orders of magnitude more requests per second than PHP. For example, if PHP can do 50 requests/second then with cache properly configured, you can serve 5,000 requests/second.

For more traditional auto-scaling capabilities, we have plans available to support this request. Speak with our sales experts to learn how we right size your plan to enable this feature.

Our technical staff is the best when it comes to identifying and rectifying issues precluding your assets & pages from utilizing cache. If you have a membership or eCommerce site or are using PHP session vars or cookies set by PHP, you will inherently have higher resource requirements than a site that caches well.

See a glimpse of our technical expertise first hand in this video case study demonstrating how created a highly-scalable environment for a traffic-heavy media site.

If you’re running a seasonal business or anticipate a surge in visitor traffic on a case-by-case basis, we can temporarily burst your server to a larger, resource-healthier instance until traffic re-stabilizes to normal levels. Just file a support ticket giving us the heads up in advance and our team will guide you through those plan changes.

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