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Upgrading Your Pagely Hosting Plan

Our process is easy for our customers, should you ever need to upgrade or downgrade your Pagely hosting plan. New plan requests can be initiated quickly right from your Pagely Atomic dashboard. This same easy process also applies to any add-ons you may need — disk, bandwidth, or CDN expansion. We do not require a plan change should you only need any of these additional resources mentioned.

Note: A Custom Monitoring Node can also be added from inside your dash. Learn more about the features and benefits of tying into our Comprehensive Monitoring Service.

Considering a Plan Upgrade

Our methodology is structured around serving your best interests. Here are a few examples of when it is appropriate to start thinking about an upgrade:

  • You are consistently exceeding critical CPU thresholds (that we will proactively monitor and consult with you on) and need a larger server to accommodate your usage patterns.
  • You have installed resource-intensive plugins that mandate the extra CPU/memory capacity to remain performant and stable.
  • You have finished your new WordPress site in development and need a larger server for serving traffic from production.

It is important to note that we do not limit you to maximum visitor or page view count, or total number of PHP workers. These AWS EC2 instances are servers dedicated exclusively to serving your site(s) only. We are here to help ensure you are making the right choice before finalizing a change in your hosting plan.

Turnaround Time

Plan adjustments can be made in a mere matter of minutes. Our architecture is based on the AWS EC2 instance, making changes efficient and straightforward. There is no migration required when a plan change is needed. We simply resize your existing private EC2 web server to the new specified size based on which plan you have chosen to switch to. This process only takes roughly 2-3 minutes for our team to complete.

Should I Expect Any Downtime?

Depending on the type of plan/layout you are operating on, there may be some slight downtime the site(s) will incur. This is to account for the minor processing window that will involve a brief outage while we resize your instance. This applies to our single server plan options. Customers operating on a High Availability setup are safeguarded from downtime in this instance. Each EC2 web server is resized in a staggered fashion, while one is always actively responding to traffic.

Once we have received your request for an upgrade and approved it in an existing open support ticket, your account manager will organize a time in advance for this process to occur. Scheduling this in advance gives us the control to reduce any impact an upgrade may have on your visitor flow.

Note: If our monitoring alerts us to excessive CPU spiking on your server, our customers can pre-authorize our team to make emergency resizes for you, so we can continue serving your protracted waves of traffic effectively.

Prorated Billing

We do not expect our customers to initiate any plan changes on their exact monthly billing date. The multitude of circumstances that can lead to a plan upgrade make this unrealistic. If you do decide to adjust your hosting plan, you can rest assured that any unused time you have prepaid for will be credited to you in your hosting bill at Pagely.

If you have questions or need any further clarification before proceeding with an upgrade or downgrade, please consult with our team. We are here to ensure you are make the wisest choices for your hosting environment.

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