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Does Pagely Offer Plans to Split Traffic Across Multiple Servers?


Hosting with Pagely means the opportunity to get more — more flexibility, upscaled performance, and advanced security for your most critical WordPress applications.

Our Active/Active High Availability plans divide traffic requests amongst multiple web nodes (EC2 instances), with each node connected to a common, fault-tolerant RDS instance for hosting the database.

Our Active/Passive High Availability plans use a failover configuration, so there is only one server responding to traffic at any one time; that is, traffic is not split across multiple servers in this case (unless and until the primary/Active node fails, then the secondary/Passive node takes over).

Why Use High Availability?

HA introduces fault tolerance benefits against a single point of failure within your hosting environment. This is achieved by placing each web node in a separate Amazon Availability Zone for increased redundancy and maximized uptime.

Additionally, an HA setup can be used to scale up your ability to serve more traffic. Everything is actively synced between servers through file replication, where any changes only need to be written to the primary node. Read into HA synchronization specifics in our support article: How To Connect To Your HA Server.

While uptime assurance is critical and a central feature of High Availability, it may not always be your best option for serving high volumes of traffic. Depending on your needs, you may be better off considering a larger single server setup. Learn when each option is most suitable in our blog article: Scaling Up Vs. Scaling Out.

Going Beyond Standard

If your organization and websites require something more robust than our standard plans, our team has the capacity to architect a custom cluster arrangement to scale your environment to any level, all based on AWS. We can also leverage smaller, single-function microservices to fulfill certain aspects of your website’s duties.

Anything is possible at Pagely — we never shy away from anything along the lines of “customizable”, with solutions to deliver the right degree of availability your organization requires. If you would like to explore multi-server setups and our other features in-depth with our sales team, visit our contact page to start the conversation.

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