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How Does Pagely Use Amazon RDS?

Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS) is a managed service not only for housing your data, but for running, operating, and scaling your relational database productively.

The Strategy Behind Using Amazon RDS

At Pagely, our VPS plans utilize Amazon RDS for your backend database with an Amazon EC2 instance for hosting your front-end application. So why separate the two? It all comes down to performance and resilience.

By dedicating your app server’s CPU to processing your incoming traffic and PHP workload, we can keep your database server’s resources committed solely to handling your query workload. This makes it easy for us to scale you on either side on the fence so you’re always getting the additional horsepower where you need it most. Using Amazon Aurora (AWS’s managed, MySQL-compatible service), we’re able to deliver faster speeds at a more dependable level.

Check out our article to Determine If Your Site Running MySQL is Compatible With Aurora.

Increased Dependability With Amazon RDS

With multi-Availability Zone replication, you never have to sweat if disaster strikes. AWS has you covered by creating various copies of your database spread across three distinct data centers for rock solid protection and redundancy. By hosting your database independently, we can bring even greater assurance the integrity of your most crucial data — such as the the posts in your database — stay intact.

Take it from the experts, when it comes to running WordPress, our team is devoted to keeping your best (and future) interest in mind. Amazon RDS helps us accomplish just that with faster and more-efficient scaling, and better durability — for ultimately keeping your business safe, and visitors happy.

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