Premium WordPress Hosting Solutions

Pagely has crafted WordPress Hosting solutions for a variety of premium use cases and customer types.


There really has been zero down time on our site since moving to Pagely.

Elaine Shannon

WooCommerce® Hosting

Get your Woo back with optimized hosting for faster WooCommerce sites.

Accelerate WooCommerce

Higher Education

Institutions of Higher Education leverage WordPress for digital learning in one school or campus-wide.

Expand Digital Learning

Media Publishers

Hosted WordPress with high scale configurations for the largest media demands.

Grow Engagement

High Availability [HA]

HA pairs or geo-location multi-node clusters are available for maximum uptime and disaster recovery.

Fault Tolerant

Reverse Proxy Support

We understand how WordPress works in the real world, and often times that means you wish to proxy traffic from your main corporate domain to a WordPress site for marketing or sales. This is the solition.

WordPress Web Proxy

Regulatory Compliance

We can accommodate most customers with HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC compliance or other regulatory concerns.

Meet Compliance

Secured WordPress

Backdoors, Malware, and Defacements stop here with WordPress risk mitigation and prevention

Peace of Mind

Creative Agencies

Our best client relationships tend to be when working with a strong agency partner.

Mutual Collaboration