Partnership Program

Partnership Program

Pagely Partnership Program Oracle

Welcome to the Pagely Partner Program. We are excited to have you as a part of our team of service providers we promote. The questions below will help you navigate through your benefits, what we do for you and how to make the most of our partnership.

Getting Started

How to join the program?

You can become a Pagely Partner via two funnels

What happens after the request to join has been initiated?

Here are the easy steps you can expect with timelines:

  • First thing’s first, you will get a confirmation email after your submission that will prompt you to fill out a quick form with some general information about your company and the services/products you provide.
  • You can expect a response from our team within 24hrs to 48hrs, after we have reviewed your form responses.
  • We will set up a discovery call to go over the specifics of your company as well as ours, the
  • program’s overview and what to expect from a possible Partnership

What do I have to do as part of the Partners Program?

Partnerships are meant to be easy and positive for all parties involved. We want every one of
our Partners to be successful for which we have created a set of steps to put you on your way
to success.

  • Contact Pagely
  • Become an Partner
  • Be educated on Pagely’s services (pricing, features, market)
  • Qualify leads with Partner Program
  • Promote us with your customer base and be ready to reap the benefits

What are the benefits of Partnering & promoting Pagely?

We offer an easy to promote solution for all WordPress users who are looking for a high-end
managed hosting provider. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver excellent:

  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Developer Friendly Solutions
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • WordPress Expertise, 10+ years of AWS/WordPress experience

Partnership Levels

From being Strategic to Platform we value all of our Partners! Here is a quick guide on how to level up and the perks that come with being a Pagely Partner.


  • Joint networking events
  • Blog posts
  • Dedicated landing page traffic to your landing page
  • Case studies, cohesive white papers (2 pager)
  • Social media promotion
  • Affiliate program
  • Dedicated slack channel
  • Swag
  • Eligible for monthly planning & strategy meetings


  • Blog posts
  • Dedicated landing page traffic to your landing page
  • Case studies, cohesive white papers (2 pager)
  • Social media promotion
  • Affiliate program
  • Dedicated slack channel
  • Swag
  • Eligible for monthly planning & strategy meetings

How do we determine your Partnership level?


3 qualified leads per quarter, $5,000 in MRR of new business per quarter or $20,000 of closed business on the Pagely platform per year.


Goes through the onboarding process and is a “qualified” Partner, frequency of referrals is undetermined.

Can I move between partnership levels and how do I move?

Yes, moving between Partnership levels will depend on sales volume and commitment. This is
based on quarterly basis. (MRR and # of qualified leads). Go to Partnership Level definitions to understand each level requirements.

Is it possible for my Partnership level to downgrade?

Yes….. Partnership thresholds are subject to review every quarter, at which point your Partnership can be relocated to the corresponding Partnership level.

How do I know what partnership level I am and where do I go to see this?

Partnership levels will be showcased on If you have any
questions regarding your partnership level or how to upgrade please contact

Leading a Successful Partnership

This is where the magic happens. From the day our partnership begins we want to hit the
ground running.

What is the duration of the Partner program?

There is no set duration. You have the ability to terminate your partnership as you see fit.

What is the best way to get in touch with the Pagely Partner program?

The inbox at is your main channel for communication, this inbox is
being permanently monitored. Please allow us up to 48 hours to respond to any inquiries,
however we strive to respond in 12 hours or less.

What is the procedure for exiting the program?

Please notify with 30 days advance notice. At this point we will audit
the partnership’s overall performance, deliver a final report on the historicals for our time as
partner as well as a complete track of all leads & referral fees that took place. We will also
inform you of the process for any pending referral fees that have yet to reach the 90 day

What is the onboarding process during the 90 day period? (this may change if partner has a client they want to onboard to Pagely immediately)

30 day

  • Meet the team
  • Introduction to platforms
  • Technical evaluation of platforms
  • Set up correct lines of communication (slack, atomic dashboard)

60 day

  • Work on marketing initiatives/ co-branded material
  • Driving traffic survey – HERE.
  • Content for landing page – HERE.
  • Set up banking details for Partnership

90 day

  • Strategic planning on the overall vision of the partnership
  • Outbound strategy for verticals
  • Launch marketing campaigns

Once the 90 day vetting process is complete the agency will be notified which partnership
level they have earned.

We also have additional items as part of onboarding that you can learn about in the Perks &
Swag section as well as in the Marketing & Promotion section.

Yes, there are a few different options if you have not been approved to the Partner program.
You can find answers in our Pagely Knowledge Base or the Support Knowledge Base.

If you have been approved to the Pagely Partnership program you can use your dedicated
Slack channel or the live ticketing system in your Atomic Dashboard to ask any infrastructure
related questions.

You also have the inbox for any sales/marketing related questions.

Commissions & Benefits

Yes, we have reached the money counting section. Pagely has thought of everything and we
look at being able to make it easy & fun for you. Read intently and let us know if you see an
opportunity for improvement.

How does the payout for lead referral work?

As a way of making it easy on everyone, we have sourced our payout process to Commission
Junction, it’s easy, it’s painless and it’s fast.

All you have to do is follow this link (this will be updated by Jan 1 2024), create your account
with Commission Junction and find us to subscribe to the Pagely Program. You can also
subscribe to our newsletter for more on how to use Commission Junction and best practices
for promoting Pagely.

How and when do I get the referral paid out?

Have to hand it to you, that referral was awesome! You can expect your 10% referral fee to be
paid out in full the month after we reach the 90 day mark of your referral being a Pagely
customer. The referral fee percentage is based on the yearly contract signed by our brand
new customer.

How and when do I get the referral paid out?

Have to hand it to you, that referral was awesome! You can expect your 10% referral fee to be
paid out in full the month after we reach the 90 day mark of your referral being a Pagely
customer. The referral fee percentage is based on the yearly contract signed by our brand
new customer.

Is it possible to receive more than 10% for a referral?

No, but if your client needs another project hosted there will be an option to have a
completely new plan. In this case you will receive a 10% referral fee for the new contract

Where can I see how many leads I have been sent as referrals?

On request we can provide you with an easy to read Monthly performance report directly to
your inbox.

If an agency referral customer has upgraded on a Pagely plan does the agency receive a referral fee?

No, only if it is a NEW plan.

Can I stack my referral payments?

No. We honor Referral Fees for each server.. Should your referred lead signup for a secondary
server plan, you will be entitled to a secondary referral fee payout.

How are the Referral fees calculated?

When you first onboard a customer onto the Pagely platform the referral fee is paid after 90
days and is computed as % of annual fee paid by the hosting customer.

Example of referral fee:

Performance+ =  $999/mo
$999 * 12$11,988/yr
$11,988 * 10% = $1,198.90 Referral Fee

***If your team has a new project with a customer already on the Pagely platform you will get a new referral credit once the customer has landed on the Pagely platform. You will only be credited the referral if you are on a new server with Pagely.

Can I get monthly recurring payment for my referrals?

No. Referral fees are a one time credit.

If we don’t want a 10% referral fee is there an option for our clients to get a discount on the Pagely platform instead?

We are nothing but flexible, please contact and we will be in touch
regarding your situation.

What happens if we land a client together (RFP, Outbound sales, ETC)

We are happy to speak with your team to see what makes the most sense and so everyone is
compensated accordingly.

Partner Qualified Leads

Leads! We love them, you love them, let’s get them flowing.

How do you determine which agency member gets lead referrals from Pagely?

Each time we receive a valid lead we will vet the lead. Depending on the client’s budget,
industry expertise, and timeline we will contact agencies that fit the niche. Agencies that fit
the criteria will be introduced to the potential customer.

Additionally to this, every dedicated partner landing page comes with a lead form that drops
to a workflow just for you. If we have users that find you and identify you as a match, they will
submit their contact information directly to your workflow and into your hands.

If we have a lead for Pagely where do we send it?

We have a partner portal dedicated for lead intake, this ensures that you are credited with
your referral as well as making sure we take good care of your lead and get to it as soon as

Marketing & Promotion

We are as committed as you to making this partnership the best it has ever existed. Thinking of
you and the best way to showcase your awesome abilities, we have the below section.

What collaterals do I need to provide Pagely with?

Since you have now signed the agreement, you can now expect an email that
will inquire about:

  • Logo. Please send over a vectorized high def logo dark on white. And a high def logo white
  • on dark.
  • Capabilities deck. Please send any decks, one pagers, or services doc that will help our team learn your product.
  • Banking details for referral fee will be filled out once you complete your profile in Commision Junction.
  • Any documentation or training regarding your product (if any)
  • Please provide your address for your Pagely swag to be shipped.
  • Driving traffic survey – Please fill out the form HERE.
  • Content for landing page. Please fill out the form HERE.

What goes into your dedicated landing page?

  • Your dedicated landing page is a place where you can showcase your team’s expertise. It is a place where you can be creative and stand out from other digital and tech agencies.
  • For your dedicated landing page you can submit a survey here, and a member of the Pagely team will populate your landing page.

If you would like to see examples of our other partnerships, you can visit our partners
page via

How do you rank your agencies on your partnership page? Is it by tier, alphabetical?

Agencies will be ranked by partnership level. Within the partnership level agencies will
be randomized, so no need to worry if your agency isn’t at the top of the alphabet.

Can I manage and edit the content for the landing page? When and how?

When: Between the 8th and the 10th of each month landing page edits will be pushed live.

How: Please contact a Pagely representative at with the changes you
would like to make.

What type of marketing and promotion does Pagely offer?

Please contact to learn more.

Ready to join the Pagely Alliance?

Let us know what questions you have. Do you know of a company that would be a perfect fit for our program?