Pagely WordPress Enterprise Hosting

Pagely WordPress Enterprise Hosting

The World’s Most Scalable Enterprise Hosting Solution for WordPress

Pagely® is your robust, scalable solution for high-performance WordPress hosting. We cater to customers with demanding needs for superior performance and military-grade security. Our unique managed service boasts effortless resource scaling, multi-region redundancy, and impenetrable security.

Trustworthy Enterprise WordPress Solutions

Endorsed by the world’s leading agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Enterprise Class WordPress Hosting

Our robust managed hosting service features multi-region redundancy, enhanced SLAs, and personalized technical account management.

  • Bespoke Deployments
  • Enhanced SLA
  • Dedicated TAM
  • Compliance Ready

From $2,500/mo

Business Class WordPress Hosting

Featuring developer friendly tools, shell access, and CI/CD support, these managed WordPress VPS hosting plans deliver scalable performance and robust security.

  • Pre-Configured
  • Standard SLA
  • CI/CD Integrations
  • Amazing Support

From $499/mo

The Gold Standard for Enterprise WordPress Hosting

We’ve spent over a decade mastering the art of managing WordPress at scale.

Why is Pagely the Most Reliable Enterprise Solution?

Mario Peshev   |   CEO - Devrix
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Pagely have been an outstanding hosting partner for us and a number of our ongoing customers. Uptime is rock solid. The technical stack covers each and every use case from single business sites through high-scale membership platforms to large multisites, ensuring complete compatibility with staging environments, backups, and caching layers.

Mario Peshev | CEO – Devrix

Mario Peshev   |   CEO - Devrix
Ozzy Rodriguez | Co-founder – Cipher DevelopmentCipher Development
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I thought it was impossible to find a host who cared as much about their clients as I do; then I worked with Pagely and I was proven wrong. They’re proactive, instead of reactive like other hosts, which is a big reason why I recommend them to anyone whose site is mission critical to their business.

Ozzy Rodriguez | Co-founder – Cipher DevelopmentCipher Development

Ozzy Rodriguez | Co-founder – Cipher DevelopmentCipher Development
Stephen Watts | Web Strategist – BMCBMC
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We migrated our blog and a couple of our other WordPress-based pages over to Pagely on a trial basis, but it quickly became clear that they had all of the capabilities we needed, as well as friendly staff who are extremely responsive on support tickets. As long as we have WordPress sites, we’ll be using Pagely.

Stephen Watts | Web Strategist – BMCBMC

Stephen Watts | Web Strategist – BMCBMC



Best-in-Class Support

Every member of our support team is a bonafide engineer that can solve your issue without needing to escalate it. There’s no challenge we cannot solve.

Powered by Amazon

The leading-edge capabilities of the AWS Cloud, combined with the expertise of our team of engineers, create a true High-Availability WordPress hosting solution with unparalleled reliability.

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