How Improved Its Agility by Switching to Pagely


Discover how improved its agility by switching to Pagely and streamlining its update process to content-driven website pages to support faster releases.



Families from around the world have relied on’s services to find and manage high-quality care for their loved ones — from child and elder care to pet and home care — since 2007.

Available in over 17 countries, leverages industry-leading technology to meet the evolving needs of families and caregivers by offering household payroll and tax services, custom company benefits plans that support working families, and tools and services that provide caregivers access to professional benefits.

How Improved Its Agility by Switching to Pagely.

Ronnie Mariano is the Growth Product Manager at and has over 20 years of experience in performance-based marketing and project management. Tyler Tompkins is Manager of Software Engineering at partners with WebDevStudios to manage its website, which began after being introduced by Pagely.

About WebDevStudios

WebDevStudios is a full-service website design and development company that creates high-quality, user-friendly experiences for businesses, from startups to large enterprise projects.

WebDevStudios website homepage.

WebDevStudios offers a full range of WordPress solutions, handling everything from planning and strategy to design and development. The agency offers extensive API integrations, full data migration, scalability and performance services, long-term guidance, and ongoing development.

Here’s how and WebDevStudios worked with Pagely to enhance’s agility and efficiency.

Website Updates That Required Significant Cooperation and Time Investment

Before moved article content to WordPress, a custom CMS powered its website content pages. Using the custom CMS created inefficiencies for’s team.

Ronnie,’s Growth Product Manager, described content updates as “large undertakings that required collaboration from multiple teams.”

As Software Engineering Manager Tyler explains, “Our teammates should’ve been able to make content updates themselves, but the majority of the time, a developer needed to step in to take the changes across the finish line.”

So, set out to find a WordPress hosting provider that would enable the team to make updates to its content driven pages — About Us, Articles & Guides, and Care for Business — using fewer resources.

Making the Move to a Managed WordPress Hosting Solution

During its search, was impressed with Pagely’s innovative services and industry-leading customer care.

Tyler states, “What initially drew us to Pagely was their early adoption of innovative services that other providers weren’t offering at the time.”

In particular, appreciated that Pagely supports automatic updates for WordPress and plugins.

“The automatic updates to our WordPress site, code, and plugins gave our small team support and peace of mind in keeping our site both updated and secure,” Tyler says.

Once decided to work with Pagely, WebDevStudios stepped in to support the migration. WebDevStudios handled the migration of’s content pages to WordPress and set up the new hosting with Pagely.

During the migration, was impressed with Pagely’s level of communication and dedication to service.

“We appreciated the ability to talk with our sales team point of contact to discuss and troubleshoot any technical questions that came up during the [migration] process,” Tyler explains.

After the switch, noticed a significant difference in its ability to push website content updates to these pages.

“We’ve been able to move our day-to-day processes into the product- and content-driven cycles. These improvements have helped us publish updates faster and made us a more agile team,” Ronnie says.

From Sluggish to Streamlined and Agile

When asked about the business impact of working with Pagely and WebDevStudios, Ronnie highlighted three main benefits:

  • It takes less time to add new information to content-driven website pages or update existing content.
  • Content and product managers have the ability to make updates without taking up engineering resources.
  • streamlines the publishing process by centralizing content from various locations into a single WordPress-hosted website.’s content and product teams can now handle updates to articles and content driven pages instead of several teams having to collaborate. This frees up time for the engineering team to focus on higher-priority tasks, such as customer growth.

Pagely has provided the resources to help grow more rapidly. Another main reason has stayed with Pagely has been the host’s support.

“The reliability of their support staff has kept us a very satisfied partner”


Since users turn to for caregiving resources and to help them find caregivers for their loved ones, it’s important that the team found a provider to ensure the pages can function efficiently and reliably.

ALT: content and product teams can now more efficiently update content-driven pages. content and product teams can now more efficiently update content-driven pages.

“Pagely’s support as a hosting partner has been crucial in creating enterprise-level applications that fit in with’s security and infrastructure requirements,” Ronnie explains. “The environments from all three companies — WebDevStudios, Pagely, and — partnered together to create impressively rapid development pipelines.”

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