High Availability WordPress Hosting

Multi-Zone and Multi-Region WordPress hosting that exceeds the demands of your global business.

The High Availability Plan

Increased Performance and Disaster Recovery

If debugging is the process of removing Our High Availability (HA) hosting for WordPress reduces the risk of an outage during maintenance events, natural disasters, or traffic surges. We provide a true HA solution that spreads workload over two or more servers in different regional zones on separate power grids.

Flexible and Scalable Configuration

Server clusters can be set up in an Active-Active configuration for maximum concurrency or Active-Passive for failover protection. We work with you to determine the optimum High Availability configuration for your organization’s unique needs.

Technical Highlights

  • Separate availability zones
  • Up to 5 database nodes
  • SSH + database access
  • Redis Object Cache
  • PHP 7 + HTTP/2
  • Global caching available
  • Development, staging, and production environments available
  • GIT/SVN deployment management
  • Full Site Acceleration

High Availability Plans Starting at $1249

Our hosting plans that include High Availability start at $1249 a month. These plans feature a pair of load-balanced and synchronized nodes in separate availability zones to maximize uptime and concurrent connections. For Enterprise High-Availability pricing, please contact sales.

Custom Clusters at Any Size

We specialize in addressing the unique needs of each client — no requirement is too demanding or complex. We can provision bespoke clusters across multiple availability zones and AWS regions to maximize uptime and minimize outages.



Best-in-Class Support

Every member of our support team is a bonafide engineer that can solve your issue without needing to escalate it. There’s no challenge we cannot solve.

Powered by Amazon

The leading-edge capabilities of the AWS Cloud, combined with the expertise of our team of engineers, create a true High-Availability WordPress hosting solution with unparalleled reliability.

Our Team of Experts

Pagely is comprised of a diverse and globally distributed team of experts. Everyone at the company is a leader, free to service our customers with the authority & responsibility needed to ensure our platform is industry leading.

Want to know more?

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