The Pagely Values

We call them the 7 C’s. The ethos of Pagely is grounded in integrity and fairness.

1 Caring

We passionately believe in living the golden rule and actively promoting the holistic well being and success of our customers, our company, and ourselves. If we do what’s right, success will follow. Ex: The Pagely +1

“You get what you give.”

2 Consistency

We are consistent in our actions, communication, service delivery, and user experience.

“Trust takes years to build, and seconds to break.”

3 Creativity

We cultivate and freely share ideas to improve our product, profitability, process, and performance. We understand that focus and constraints are a bridge to discovering creative solutions.

“You can’t use up creativity.”

4 Communication

Trust is built on clear and timely communication at all times – between each other and our customers. We talk about the hard stuff with vigor and respect to uncover and then implement the best solution and the path forward.

“Listen to understand.”

5 Competency

We maintain and build on our depth and breadth of expertise, always seeking knowledge and refining our skills to bring them to bear for the good of our company and our customers. We aim to employ highly intelligent people who share these same values to drive the best outcomes for our product and services.

“Control without competency is chaos.”

6 Confidence

We are confident in the solutions and value that we deliver to our customers and in our abilities as a team to discover and solve challenges before us. Customers respond to this confidence with trust and professionalism.

“As is our confidence, So is our capacity.”

7 Conscientious

We are aware of the cascading effects of our actions within the platform, how our tone may be perceived in communication, and how our individual efforts contribute or may detract from our mission success.

“A courageous soul works conscientiously to accomplish personal goals that benefit other people.”

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