Pagely’s “Get What You Pay For” 93% Black Friday Deal

For a limited time only, get what you pay for! Get all of the great benefits of Pagely, but at a price that reflects what you’re getting!

Developer 2

299 577.07$ /mo

  • Same service
  • Same reliability
  • Same support
  • Higher price *


499 963.07$ /mo

  • All the other stuff, plus:
  • More resources [1]
  • More expensive
  • 0.0000001% better support. [2]
  • A BIGGER, PINKER checkmark

Bruh, we got yacht parties to fund. You think we can afford discounts? For one day only, give us more money.*

* Just kidding. We believe in fair pricing – you get what you pay for. No shenanigans. If you really insist on paying more, we’ll honor it, but we’ll still try to convince you to pay an honest price for honest service.

Why +93%?

That’s our current 90-day CES. If everyone else is dropping their prices just to get you in the door, we might as well show you what a real hosting experience is like.

For Real Though…

Black Friday sales on hosting accounts is a race to the bottom. If you’re paying $1/month on a Black Friday deal, what level of service do you think you’re actually getting? The second you contact support, you’re already a liability. Support shouldn’t be a burden.

Of course, it isn’t all that bad – if you grab a Black Friday deal on a hosting package, use and abuse that discounted pricing! Toss up a few sites that you don’t care about, where downtime doesn’t matter, and abuse over-provisioned servers to the max! Just don’t forget to cancel – they’ll definitely make their money back on that auto-renewal.

The Fine Print

[1] Only actual, tangible resources will be provided with upgraded plans. This offer does not include vanity metrics that are often used to upsell those who don’t know any better, such as PHP workers or pageviews.

[2] Based on our latest measurements of 13 minute first response time and a 54 minute median full resolution time. Average improvement of 0.00000078 millisecond improvement to initial first ticket response time.

Want to know more?

Let us know what questions you have and we’ll set up a complimentary consultation to discuss how Pagely can bring your website to the next level.