Crafting High-Impact Digital Experiences with Wonderthing

Crafting High-Impact Digital Experiences with Wonderthing

Wonderthing is an optimistic team of senior-level designers and developers dedicated to crafting digital experiences that maximize impact and engagement for our clients.

We believe in making the complex feel simple. Our ‘Skunkworks’ methodology ensures that every project is handled by small, hands-on senior teams who understand the intricacies of aligning digital initiatives with your business goals.

We’ve done it for major brands like Toyota, Grubhub, and Sunkist, as well as numerous mid-market companies and ambitious startups.

Our collaboration with Pagely takes our work to the next level. By combining Pagely’s best-in-class managed WordPress hosting with Wonderthing’s exceptional craftsmanship, we provide a seamless, high-performance digital solution for brands.

Here are some of the services we offer…

High-Impact WordPress Experiences with Wonderthing and Pagely

From intuitive UX/UI design to robust frond-end and back-end capabilities, we ensure every project maximizes engagement and aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

UX/UI Design Services

Prioritizing user-centered design, we ensure that every interaction is intuitive and engaging. We start with intelligent UX design, focusing on user needs and behaviors, followed by compelling interfaces that drive action.

Front-end Development Capabilities

Our front-end expertise spans CSS and JavaScript, focusing on the Svelte framework and Tailwind CSS. These tools help us build fast, responsive, and interactive WordPress sites. We use for rapid theme development, ensuring consistent, high-quality results. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to any required technologies to meet our clients’ needs.

Back-end Development Capabilities

We excel in PHP and MySQL, the backbone of WordPress, and work daily with APIs and custom plugins. This expertise allows us to extend WordPress to meet any requirement, from enhancing content management to integrating complex systems and delivering robust, scalable solutions for our clients.


“Wonderthing has been a valued partner of ours for several years, expertly handling the development and management of numerous WordPress-based sweepstakes, contests, and sports-related marketing activations. Their commitment to excellence has consistently delivered exceptional results for our campaigns.”

Jesse Faubert

Director, National Accounts

Promotivate LP


Successful WordPress Projects

Sunkist Global Website

  • Challenge: Sunkist needed to strengthen its global footprint while respecting local nuances, requiring a centralized platform that adhered to brand guidelines yet allowed for regional customization in language and content.
  • Solution: We collaborated with Edelman to implement a sophisticated WordPress Multisite tailored for diverse regional markets, from the US to Japan to French Canada to Malaysia. This platform empowered local teams to seamlessly manage and update content, from citrus availability to regional recipes.
  • Outcome: The project streamlined content management across different regions, maintaining a consistent visual identity crucial for Sunkist’s brand integrity. Each local team now operates a user-friendly interface supporting real-time updates, ensuring unique offerings and cultural specifics are effectively communicated under a unified brand umbrella. The result is a robust, scalable digital ecosystem that aligns with Sunkist’s vision for a cohesive yet flexible global presence, enhancing consumer engagement worldwide.

Behr Paints – Create Your Blueprint Sweepstakes Website

  • Challenge: Behr Paints wanted an interactive sweepstakes website to celebrate its color of the year, “Blueprint,” that could engage users creatively and meaningfully.
  • Solution: In collaboration with agency Marcus Thomas, we launched an innovative platform where participants could upload a photo of their room, select a new color palette, and accessorize their space to create a personalized mood board.
  • Outcome: The campaign’s innovative use of technology and user-focused design illustrated Behr’s commitment to engaging customers and showcasing their products’ transformative power. The “Create Your Blueprint Sweepstakes” set a new standard for home decor campaigns, leading to increased engagement and widespread participation, and resulting in a robust, scalable digital platform that aligned with Behr’s vision for customer engagement.

AI-Powered Experiences

At Wonderthing, we craft advanced AI-powered experiences using machine learning, natural language processing, and generative AI. These technologies enable us to create solutions that boost user engagement and deliver personalized interactions. A Conversational Advertising Platform A Conversational Advertising Platform is our conversational display ad platform that uses messaging, the preferred communication method for consumers. This platform offers a rich, personalized alternative to traditional display ads and landing pages, engaging users with instant, specific information through conversational AI.

Contest and Sweepstakes Websites

We create interactive and engaging sweepstakes experiences that drive user participation. Our portfolio includes programs for professional sports-related sweepstakes for brands like NHL and Major League Soccer to engaging ‘spin to win’ contest sites for brands like Grubhub.

Contest and Sweepstakes Websites

The gameplay and user interaction mechanics we develop for these programs include:

  • User Entry Management: Ensuring fair play by limiting daily or per-contest entries.
  • Unique Winning Codes: Our secure systems manage unique winning codes for a seamless redemption process.
  • Custom Prize Fulfillment: We build efficient prize fulfillment capabilities into the WordPress back-end.
  • Email Deployment: Our integrated email systems notify winners and participants, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

These features create engaging experiences and ensure smooth operations for contest and sweepstakes sites.


“Working with Michael and Tim at Wonderthing was great from start to finish. Their expertise allowed us to bring an important interactive experience to life quickly, driving customer engagement.

Wonderthing demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and creativity. Their technical skills ensured the site was not only visually appealing but also seamlessly functional, providing an enjoyable user experience. They were highly responsive to our needs and proactive in suggesting solutions when needed, which significantly enhanced the overall project.

Their team also worked collaboratively with both internal Grubhub creative and stakeholders.

I highly recommend Wonderthing to any business seeking a reliable partner for web development projects. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the future.”

Charlie S.




Taco Bell’s Cantina Chicken ‘Spin to Win’ Experience

Challenge: Taco Bell wanted to celebrate the launch of their Cantina Chicken menu with an exciting promotion to drive customer participation.

Solution: In collaboration with Grubhub and Taco Bell, Wonderthing developed an interactive ‘Spin to Win’ promotion. Participants had three chances to spin a virtual prize wheel to win a Grubhub credit for their next Taco Bell order. The wheel’s realistic physics added excitement to each spin. Winners received instant promo codes, while non-winners could spin again the next day, guaranteed to win a free Cantina Chicken Soft Taco on orders over $20.

Outcome: The daily promo codes, often claimed within minutes of the promotion opening, added to the thrill. A vibrant, user-friendly interface enhanced engagement with bright colors and a straightforward user experience. Wonderthing built the site using Ruby on Rails and Svelte, with a robust back-end allowing for adjustments to winning odds, new promo codes, and comprehensive engagement tracking. The contest mechanics ensured a smooth and successful campaign.

Campaign Development and Execution

We excel at creating programmatic ads and email campaigns. We collaborate with creative and media agencies to bring these campaigns to life, leveraging advanced technologies to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

Types of Campaigns:

  • Programmatic Ads: We design and develop highly engaging programmatic ad campaigns that feature rich interactivity and motion.
  • Email Campaigns: We create personalized email campaigns that drive customer engagement and conversions through compelling content.


“We’ve worked with Wonderthing on our Roadside Assistance Renewal Program for five years. They’re reliable, easy to work with, and always deliver top-notch work. Their custom email system has made the renewal process much smoother for our customers and has significantly boosted our retention rates.”

Ryan Burgi

Manager, Service Marketing

Toyota Canada Inc.


Next-Gen AI in Programmatic Advertising with Dell

Next-Gen AI in Programmatic Advertising with Dell

Challenge: Dell sought to innovate how it connects with consumers and enhance engagement through online advertising.

Solution: Wonderthing partnered with MediaCom to deploy our AdChat platform, creating conversational AI ad formats that transform the shopping experience for Dell’s laptops and 2-in-1 PCs. These programmatic display ads leverage machine learning and natural language processing to act as interactive shopping assistants within a publisher’s ad inventory.


  • User Interaction: The ads prompt users to answer three questions about their computing needs, triggering a product recommendation engine that suggests Dell PCs tailored to their requirements.
  • Technical Integration: As one of the first large-scale campaigns utilizing AdChat, we integrated the format to work seamlessly with the Google ad stack, including CM360, allowing compatibility with any DSP such as DV360 and The Trade Desk.


  • Enhanced Engagement: Conversational ads significantly boosted user engagement and drove sales by offering a personalized, interactive approach that traditional ads lack.
  • Comprehensive Insights: AdChat’s built-in analytics and measurement platform gave Dell detailed insights into user interactions and ad performance, enabling continuous optimization and effectiveness.
  • This successful campaign highlights Wonderthing’s ability to leverage cutting-edge AI technologies to deliver impactful digital advertising solutions that drive real business results.

The Wonderthing and Pagely Partnership

The partnership between Wonderthing and Pagely brings together best-in-class managed WordPress hosting with best-in-class digital design and development services.

Working with Wonderthing provides Pagely’s client’s access to a comprehensive suite of WordPres-based digital services, from straightforward implementations to advanced experiences that leverage AI, interactive contests, and sweepstakes and extend to impactful digital campaigns and landing pages.

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