Pagely Winter Holiday Schedule 2020 This schedule is for the benefit of our customers and prospects during the winter holidays. Please consult this schedule and plan accordingly.

Why? – Because, People Matter. We employ highly skilled and passionate folk that give 125% all year so that our clients and our company are well positioned to take a deserved holiday break.

We hope you and yours have a happy and safe holiday season.

Check in with your account manager today to review and prepare for the shopping season. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Full operations, sales, customer support and live chat.


Light operations. The team is “on-call” and do check-in and address issues periodically – however response times will be more infrequent. During these times you may wish not to take any actions that could impair your site.

Critical Only

Everyone is on holiday. Our team will only respond to critical system level issues.


  • Nov 24th Full
  • Nov 25th Light
  • Nov 26th Critical Only
  • Nov 27th Critical Only
  • Nov 28th Light
  • Nov 29th Light
  • Nov 30th Full

Christmas/New Year

  • Dec 22nd Full
  • Dec 23rd Light
  • Dec 24th Critical Only
  • Dec 25th Critical Only
  • Dec 26th Critical Only
  • Dec 27th Critical Only
  • Dec 28th Light
  • Dec 29th Light
  • Dec 30th Light
  • Dec 31st Light
  • Jan 1st Critical Only
  • Jan 2nd Light
  • Jan 3rd Light
  • Jan 4th Full