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Deploy WordPress Sites with Bitbucket Pipelines & Pagely

Integrate Bitbucket Pipelines with Pagely

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Setting up automatic deployments of your WordPress plugins and themes can sometimes become a time-consuming, frustrating process. Normally, it involves transferring your code over SFTP or pushing to another Git repository elsewhere.

At Pagely, we help you deploy your WordPress site files from Bitbucket with an easy, frustration-free integration. All you’ll need to do is add the Pagely deployment container to your pipeline and let us do the heavy lifting. Deploying WordPress sites from Bitbucket Pipelines has never been easier.

Quick and Easy Configuration

By using Pagely’s Bitbucket Pipelines integration, you’ll no longer have to worry about wasting time on workarounds, SFTP configurations, or adding extra layers of complication to your deployment pipeline.

Our pipeline step allows you to easily configure automatic deployments with just a few variables.

Built-In Sanity Checking

Have you ever accidentally deployed to the wrong place? Added a new configuration file but forgot to exclude it in your deployment? Our deployment container will automatically check for WordPress core files, configuration files, and uploads.

Want to add more exclusion rules? No problem. Ignore rules are as easy to add and manage, all from directly inside your Bitbucket repo.

Secure Credentials and Transfers

Creating and managing credentials for 3rd-party services can be done on a per-integration or per-app basis. The credentials you create will only be able to access the WordPress apps that you specify. If you ever need to change them, they can be rotated at any time.

Automatically Deploying Your WordPress Site with Bitbucket Pipelines

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