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How Pagely Stores and Protects Your Data

How we manage your data is of the upmost importance to our staff. Pagely customers depend on our decade long experience to apply a deep level of understanding of the intricacies and nuanced prevention methods to keeping WordPress secure. Read on to find out how we manage and protect your precious data.

Reducing Risk In Your WordPress Hosting Environment

All Pagely customer data is stored in a highly secure database utilizing Amazon RDS. Regular security updates are applied in a timely fashion by Amazon Web Services. This is a separate instance from the web server dedicated to processing traffic. Every Pagely customer benefits from hosting WordPress on a dedicated Amazon EC2 instance.

See How We Use Amazon RDS to improve performance and resiliency for your WordPress site.

From a network standpoint, we do not expose our database servers to the internet as a default rule. This level of isolation is only available on a dedicated architecture like Pagely’s by splicing the database onto it’s own machine. Only internal traffic from our web servers to communicate with our database servers is allowed.

AWS provides a unique set of features only available on Amazon RDS & Amazon Aurora with a built-in firewall designed to prevent any database access except through our custom rules. All logins are sent via SSL so they’re encrypted over the wire.

Note: Amazon RDS is deployed to host a small number of individual customer websites. This is our default configuration for our Entry VPS Plans. To counter any foreseeable issues, a unique database user is created for each site we host. In the unlikely, rare event of a compromise, the database user can only affect that single database the hacked user has access to.

Enterprise Database Security

Shifting focus to our Enterprise solutions, customers receive a fully dedicated RDS to leverage for their data. If your organizational business needs or resource requirements don’t necessitate the front-end processing power at the Enterprise level, no problem! We can pair a dedicated RDS at a range of sizes with any of our Standard Plans at an added cost. Check out when it makes sense to move to a dedicated database server.

And we didn’t forget about passwords! We store only salted hashes in the database. Customer information that needs to be readable by humans is stored in cleartext in the database.

Review our other great Knowledge Base articles and contact Sales if you’d like to learn how we can bring secure WordPress hosting to you.

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