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Comparing Pagely vs. WPEngine’s Services:

The short answer is right in our social proof but there are a number of reasons to choose Pagely vs WPEngine:

10 Years of AWS + WordPress

We’re 100% backed by Amazon Web Services and have been for the last decade, pioneering managed WordPress hosting. Not only are we exclusively privy to AWS, we’ve earned Retail Competency Status through being an Advanced Technology partner of theirs, further reinforcing customer’s confidence in our services.

WPE offers a mixed platform comprised of Linode, Google, AWS and steel servers — our core competency is scaling on AWS. With greater maturity and aptitude on how to use Amazon unique features, our engineers have leveraged and fine-tuned Aurora at scale, routinely implement custom NGINX caching and proxy rules to magnify WordPress performance for our customers.

Focused Enterprise Discipline

Our experience innovating the WordPress hosting space has earned us greater capability to support more sophisticated “outside-the-box” requirements only a specialized service can deliver on. There’s really no opportunity too technical for us to explore, never shying away from flexibility talk. As long as you’re working in the WordPress ecosystem, we’re confident we can create a custom arrangement to fully accommodate your team.

This transitions into Pagely’s main focus — growing and scaling sites that demand top-tier service and technology. We’re not serving the shared hosting customers at the basic level like many of our competitors (including WPE), which translates into our team having the highest levels of expertise & service when you need it.

Transparency Where it Matters

Pagely offers dedicated EC2 hosting with full transparent backing into what your WordPress sites are running on. This ties into our philosophy which is to resolve root causes injuring performance rather than throwing more hardware at the problem. We receive numerous reports from people who defect to us from WPE insisting they were oversold hardware they didn’t truly need. WPEngine’s lack of transparency plays to their advantage and is something we will always pride ourselves on providing.

Tierless Expert Human Support

Lastly, the complaints we see most from the customers coming to Pagely from WPEngine are that they feel like they’re just a number in the system. At Pagely, there is no concept of ‘level one’ tech support to shield the core engineers from interacting with you. Our customers only interface with core technicians whom all have a deeper aptitude and expertise in WordPress to resolve issues fast and effectively.

We understand every minute an issue wanders is crucial to your brand, business and customers. By taking a more proactive approach with the right critical thinkers helping you, customers can trust their concerns are being addressed promptly to alleviate as much risk and delay as possible.

Learn more about the Pagely difference and reach out with any questions to get to know our team & service better.

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