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  • AvaTax – Sales Tax Calculation
  • ECM – Exemption Certificate Management
  • Returns – Managed Returns Filing to special, local and state jurisdictions
  • Business Licensing

About Avalara

We’re committed to making tax compliance less taxing.


We at Avalara aspire to be part of every transaction in the world. With our tax compliance software solutions, your business can automate manual processes and reduce errors — while increasing compliance and saving time and money.

Businesses of all sizes use Avalara to help with tasks throughout the tax compliance process, including registration and licensingcalculationdocument managementreporting, and e-invoicing.

Businesses of all sizes rely on Avalara


Reduces manual effort by automating slow, error-prone, and costly processes


Improves the accuracy of tax calculations


Integrates with core business systems like ERP solutions, ecommerce platforms, and billing programs


Simplifies the process of collecting and managing exemption certificates

Get up and running fast with an integration to the systems you’re already using

Avalara’s platform is designed to work with the leading ERPs, ecommerce platforms, and other business applications you rely on to run your business. With over 1,200 signed partner integrations, we can integrate with single system environments or a full omnichannel tech stack. And if you choose or need to build your own integration, we offer a robust API.

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Use Cases & Customer Stories

“Based on certain metrics that we provide, Avalara Property Tax distributes the costs at the asset-class level,” says Allyssa. “This gets allocated down to the individual jurisdictions and locations that our assets are located in.”

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“I contacted several vendors,” remembers Jason. “Some had a software solution, but not a compliance team that could produce the returns. Some were vice versa. I knew we needed a software solution that was easy to use, easy to plug in, and had the back-end side of tax compliance Zillow Group needed.” In the end, Jason asserts, the choice was easy.

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“Merchants are used to installing extensions to expand their stores,” Aurélien explains, “so they simply find the Avalara extension in the WooCommerce extension store and click ‘Install.’” Once the merchant activates the extension and connects it to an Avalara account, they are up and running.

“Any time we can connect our merchants to something that can improve their store — with a solution that’s built by a leading partner in the space — that’s a win for us,” says Aurélien.

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We’re committed to making tax compliance less taxing

Doing tax manually in a digital world? There’s a better way. Learn how the Avalara platform helps with tax compliance

Why automate tax compliance?

The better question is: Why burden your business with something so complex and tedious when it can be solved with software in the cloud?

3 products to solve sales and use tax compliance

Avalara AvaTax

Our cloud-based software delivers the latest sales and use tax calculations to your shopping cart or invoicing system at the point of purchase, while accounting for:

  • Tax rates for each state, county, and city  
  • Laws, rules, and jurisdiction boundaries  
  • Special circumstances like tax holidays and product exemptions

Avalara Returns

Our seamless end-to-end service prepares and files your sales and use tax returns. We manage:

  • Returns according to an online filing calendar  
  • Disparate filing requirements in each state and county  
  • Remittance payments to each jurisdiction on your behalf

Avalara Exception Certificate Management (ECM)

Whether you’re storing papers in filing cabinets or manually maintaining a scan n’ save database, CertCapture makes document management easier by automating:

  • Collection and validation of exemption certificates at the time of purchase 
  • Management and renewals to ensure ongoing compliance 
  • Instant access and accountability via a central, secure repository

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