MIDTC helps local, national, and global leaders leverage technology to solve critical issues and build innovation. Together, we create processes and strategies that transform technology from a burden into a desired necessity.





  • Summaware
  • Ad Server Hosting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Design
  • Revenue Development
  • App Development
  • CMS Agnostic Design
  • Digital Strategy & Planning
  • Systems Integration
  • Consulting
  • Technology Assessment


MIDTC prides itself on the diversity and strength of its team. With a wealth of intelligent, driven, and charismatic people, we can break down and tackle any problem. Our collaborative dynamic, working across titles and silos, puts an emphasis on true teamwork and trust. We whole-heartedly believe that a team is the best way to help our clients realize results. We succeed when our clients succeed, and that mantra permeates everything we do.

Our team members become an invaluable extension that help drive true innovation. Whether it’s through collaboration, or just support, our team always brings a unique and necessary perspective to the table. It’s important to us that our clients never feel isolated. We understand the pressures and challenges that modern leaders face, and our team is ready to step in at a moment’s notice.

Our Services


Summaware (ˈsumə wɛr) is a total software solution for companies looking to manage their organization efficiently and successfully.

Utilizing our united software system will allow our team to help you run your company more efficiently.

Ad Server Hosting

Taking advantage of our ad server hosting will allow our fulfillment team to set up and manage your campaigns for you.

Business Intelligence

The need to stay agile in today’s business environment is more important than ever. MIDTC is able to extract data from dozens of platforms. This feeds a single database that allows clients to see key metrics and overall performance in real time. We work with you to create dashboards that drive measurable results.

Data Design

Logical data flow and database design increase both reliability and transparency, reduce maintenance and improve analytics.

Revenue Development

We produce measurable results. Whether your sites are driven by e-commerce, content, or designed to produce sales leads, we can optimize them to drive the greatest revenue potential and profitability.

App Development

Whether it’s apps for your newspaper or if you want to sell apps to local businesses, we can help you. With proven partners in iOS and Android development, we can help you deliver your content, or assist you to help local businesses get their very own native apps for mobile devices.

CMS Agnostic Design

No matter what content management platform you use, our designers and developers can help. We’re fluent in multiple programming and templating languages and have vast experience with WordPress, SaxoTech/NewsCycle Digital, Blox, Clickability, Drupal, Joomla, and many others.

Digital Strategy & Planning

MIDTC helps local, national and global leaders leverage technology to solve critical issues and build innovation. Together, we create processes and strategies that transform technology from a burden into a desired necessity.

Web Hosting

Whether your goal is to attract more visitors to your sites, grow your social audience, or change the interactions you have with visitors to your site, our decades of experience and award-winning team can help you to meet your objectives.

IT, Digital as a Service, & HelpDesk

Outsourcing these services or using our team to supplement your staff can save money and allow you to maintain a top-notch IT Digital infrastructure.

Programmatic/Remnant Management

With our strong relationships in the programmatic and remnant market, we can increase your CPMs and advertising revenues your site yields.

Systems Integration

We can analyze your workflow and find new ways to automate tasks or connect various platforms to cut down on manual steps or processes – both digital and analogue.


MIDTC has a wealth of experience. With each client, we create a customized team that brings not only a directly relevant understanding, but also diverse expert perspectives from outside the industry to challenge and optimize the offerings. Through this diverse school of thinking, we can offer a fresh perspective and an innovative path forward.

Technology Assessment

Contact us today and learn how MIDTC can help assess your technology.

Case Studies that can Transform your Business

MIDTC manages Civitas Media Divestment

Civitas Media, a publisher of over 80 newspaper titles signed an agreement with MIDTC to take over all technology aspects of the organization in order to more easily divest individual and groups of properties.

MIDTC Increases Programmatic Ad Revenues for Champion Media and Other Customers by 33%+

MIDTC seamlessly transitioned Champion’s ad stack and campaigns to a new proprietary platform, provided training to their hub-based staff, and worked with international programmatic ad networks to select an appropriate mix of creative types for their websites within the space of a week.

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