We are proud to partner with Pagely as their exceptional support and commitment to scalability ensure that our clients’ websites are always performing at their best. Together, we provide a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence.

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  • Strategy & Discovery
  • Visual Design
  • Full Stack Development
  • Custom Publishing Tools
  • Multisite Networks
  • API Integrations
  • Accesability Consulting

About Reaktiv

We’re a nimble team with decades of development experience and WordPress community leadership. As an award-winning boutique agency, our core focus is custom solutions and complex integrations while maintaining the ease-of-use for which WordPress is known. 

We work with some of the top enterprise companies and beloved brands on the web, we pride ourselves on our dedication and innovation to create inspiring and authentic digital solutions for our partners.

Bring your biggest ideas to light

We are more than implementers. We are advisors, strategists, and thought leaders. 

Reaktiv has extensive interactive experience. Our brilliant team has created inspiring and authentic digital solutions for over a decade.


  • Digital strategy
  • Visual design
  • Website development
  • API integrations
  • Full stack development
  • Custom publishing tools
  • Multisite Networks
  • Plugin Development
  • Accessibility consulting

Enterprise Engineering

  • Backend Engineering: PHP, Node.js, WordPress Architecture
  • Frontend Engineering: React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Block Editor (Gutenberg), Certified & in-house WCAG Accessibility
  • Technical: Discovery, Definition, Architecture, Technical Specifications, Functional Specifications, Quality Assurance, Training & Documentation, Performance Monitoring


  • User Experience Design: Sitemaps, Wireframes, Visual Language, Design Systems, User Flows
  • Visual Design: Interfaces, Direction, and Mockups


We bring dedication and innovation to our clients

Higher Education

Top institutions of higher learning depend on Reaktiv to provide intuitive learning experiences. We partner with administrators and instructors to develop custom tools to enhance student engagement, collaboration, and communication.


Leading companies rely on Reaktiv to empower them to engage and communicate with their customers. We give them the skills and expertise to create meaningful experiences to enhance their brand and reach wider audiences.

Equip Developers

Media & Publishing

The world’s largest media and publishing companies trust Reaktiv to manage mission critical publishing systems. These companies are the experts at creating rich content, and we are experts at delivering powerful publishing platforms that enable them to distribute their content far and wide.

Our Ideal Project

The Reaktiv team believes strongly in WordPress community involvement for the benefit of all. Through core contributions to WordPress itself, contributions to popular WordPress plugins, releasing free plugins, mentorship, sponsorship, and educational speaking engagements throughout the US, Reaktiv continues to be a leader in the WordPress community.

For you, our continued involvement in WordPress means we are on top of the changes each new iteration of WordPress brings, and know how to leverage the WordPress platform and the surrounding products to create your ideal WordPress solution.

Our Values

What sets us apart

Good Collaborator

We bring a willingness to help to all projects and conversations. We are positive rather than cynical, supportive over competitive. We approach all discussions with a “yes, and” mentality.

Kind and Clear Communicator

In both written and verbal communication, we are empathetic and respectful. We understand the importance of both quantity and quality.

Creative and Imaginative

Our team is made up of thoughtful and strategic thinkers with a growth mindset. Creativity goes beyond design, each member of our team is creative in their role, in their own way. When a problem arises, we aren’t looking for the easy way out, we are searching for the right answer and the best solution.

Enthusiastic and Energetic

We dive deep into problem solving to come up with the best solution. We’re intentional with our strategic solutions and enjoy the process of problem solving. Each team member brings their own version of optimism to projects and discussions.

Intentional and Purposeful

We are a proactive and self-motivated team who pays attentions the details. We’re seeking to achieve the best solutions for both our clients and our internal projects and processes.

Testimonial Icon

“The amount of immediate support from the team is impressive. I can fully trust that in case of any emergency, bugs, or site issues. Reaktiv will be able to immediately start resolving and get to the bottom of the problem.

— Tanya Flint, Associate Director of Technology, Harvard Business School

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