Pagely is Powered by People

Our Values

The ethos of Pagely is grounded in integrity and fairness.

Our Values are codified in what we call the 7 C’s.

We are Caring, Consistent, Creative, Communicative, Competent, Confident, and Conscientious.

  • A diverse and globally distributed team enables us to recruit top talent, and serve our customers better.
  • We are all leaders, free to perform our individual work with the authority & responsibility to execute our mission goals, and take full ownership & accountability for all outcomes.

Join Us

Our goal at Pagely is to be an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. The merit of your work and the content of your character win the day. #EEO

Allison Thieme

Support Ops Manager

Allison is a customer experience evangelist with a passion for collaboration and creative thinking. As the Support Ops Manager, she is responsible for guiding the Support and DevOps Engineers and advocating on behalf of the customer. In her free time Allison enjoys exploring the great outdoors and curling up with a good book.

Anna Loukianova

Software Engineer

React enthusiast, problem solver, international woman of mystery. Loves cats, javascript, and jamming.

Arman Zakaryan

Director of Hosting

Arman is a fan of technology, cars, and gaming. Like many others at Pagely, he has a passion for helping people succeed in their online endeavors. As Pagely’s Dir. of Hosting Operations, Arman brings 12 years of web hosting experience to the table – helping our very talented DevOps team do great things every day.

Brian Feeley

Sr. Customer Support Engineer

Web Enthusiast since 1996, supporting WordPress since 2009, fascinated by Computer Vision.

Carlos A. Reyes

Software Engineer

A warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new. Father to a Maltipoo dog, husband to a Russian wife.

Chris Gingrich

Sr. Customer Support Engineer

Started coding basic HTML at the age of 10. Started working in the web hosting industry shortly after college. In his spare time, he enjoys video games and sporting events.

Gordon Forsythe

Sr. Software Engineer

Gordon has developed a wide variety of public and intranet web-based applications, and has a passion for supporting the PHP community.

Japh Thomson

Compliance Manager

Living in Tasmania with his family, Japh has been building web technologies for people around the world since the late '90s. With a passion for problem-solving and augmenting human efforts with technological solutions, he's all about implementing scalable and repeatable processes. Humans and robots working together to improve life is the dream, right?

JC Marin

Customer Support Engineer

On a mission to help people, solve issues, and learn new technologies. Started working as a developer at the age of 19 then moved to system administration. In my downtime I like to play soccer, surf, and play video games.

Jeremy Lindblom

Software Engineer

Jeremy is a software engineer and architect from Arizona whose prior experience includes Amazon and McGraw Hill. Outside of work, he spends time contributing to the PHP developer community via open source projects and organizing local meetups and events. Jeremy also loves singing and spending time with his wife, son, and 3 daughters.

Joe Savoia

Director of Enterprise Sales

Joe is a fan of all kinds of technology and helping customers drive great experiences for their brand. When he isn't behind a computer screen you can find him hiking in the Utah mountains or following his hometown New England sports teams.

John Gaffney

Inspired by creative ideas, innovative solutions and illuminate realizations.

Josh Eichorn


Josh is a seasoned engineer and technical leader. Published author with past experience at Cisco, StumbleUpon, and as former VP of the PEAR open source project.

Keelan L.

DevOps Engineer

Kevin H.

Customer Success Engineer

Kirill Mendeleyev

Onboarding CZAR

Submerged in the web-hosting industry since 2007, Kirill claims to have seen every plugin and CMS. He loves TopGear and anything to do with cars.

Kyle Smaine

Sales Development Representative

Kyle lives for adventure and new challenges. He spent most of his life in the outdoor industry seeking the thrill of hurtling down mountains year round. Can be found traveling the world in search of the best snow and trails.  Here at Pagely he's helping build customer relationships and drive clients to find their best opportunities. 

Luigi Moreno

DevOps Engineer

Strives to improve his knowledge so that he can better help customers solve tough WordPress issues. Enjoys watching sports and playing video games in his spare time.

Lukasz Siwicki

Customer Support Engineer

Tech addict who loves to learn new technologies. His goal is to become a DevOps Engineer. In his spare time he plays guitar, watches Netflix, and plays PC games.

Mackenzie Newman

Forward thinking and seeking to make an impact through meaningful connections, Mackenzie was quickly drawn to the world of tech sales. Here at Pagely, she has endless opportunities to find optimal web solutions for infinite potential clients around the globe. Away from Pagely, Mackenzie will never pass up the chance to be outside, skiing or backpacking in and around her beautiful home of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Matej Trop

DevOps Engineer

Former Software Engineer. Joined Pagely out of the desire to learn more about managing complex systems and dealing with software in its natural habitat, not just from within a code editor. Likes gaming, coding and food.

Michael Mitchell

DevOps Engineer

A tinkerer by nature, Michael loves learning the How's and Why's to complicated technical questions. A big fan of chocolate, interesting problems, and discovering new music.

Nathan Perez

DevOps Engineer

Likes video games, pizza, and tricky puzzles. Always excited to be working with the best of the best here at Pagely.

Nick Arthurs

Sales Development Representative

Nick is a fan of technology and developing meaningful relationships. He comes from the background of a PGA Golf Professional and has a passion for helping people. When he's not behind his computer screen you can find him chasing storms in the Wasatch or riding his mountain bike in the summer.

Oscar Gomez

Sr. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer at Pagely and likes to work on servers and maintaining the infrastructure there. A lot of the work at Pagely is done to help customers' WordPress sites every day. Whether it be to debug any problems, or help with issues using wp-cli to accomplish a goal. All without ever having to login to the wp-admin panel to do the same tasks.

Peter G.

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Roscoe S.

Infosec Engineer

Primary interests include WordPress, economics, finance, history and travel (especially visiting museums). Roscoe likes complex setups.

Sandy Acurio

Software Engineer

Passionate for the tech. Father of three beautiful daughters, husband of a wonderful woman. Loves cooking and plays soccer.

Stu Chuang Matthews

DevOps Engineer & AWS Billing Yogi

After a failed basketball career, Stu fell back on his IT skills. He loves being silly with his family and filling their bellies with good food.