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We support your organization on the technical side, enabling you to focus on publishing great content without the worry of losing audience share to speed or availability issues.

WordPress Hosting for Publishers Power, Flexibility, and expert assistance for the most demanding WordPress Sites.

Battle Tested

As your audience grows and your hosting demands change, you may start to wonder if your current hosting solution is capable of scaling with your growth.

At Pagely®, we’ve learned a few things in our first 10 years about serving WordPress content at scale. Most notably, the tricks & tweaks that make WordPress perform for a global audience, a platform that is 100% powered by Amazon Web Services, and a legendary dedication to our customer.

We help big brands scale WordPress. To that end, we are happy to present the ultimate in scalable, performance-driven WordPress Hosting.

AWS Advanced Technology SaaS Partner


$ 20000/mo

For the most demanding applications and clientele, we present the most comprehensive and powerful managed WordPress solution to date.

  • Bespoke HA Production Cluster
  • Separate Dev/Staging Nodes
  • Post-Deploy Code Review
  • 2 Support Seats
  • Full Site Monitoring/Alerts
  • Quarterly Performance Audit
  • Unlimited Dev/Staging Sites
  • Dedicated Aurora RDS Database Pair
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Custom Playbook/Documentation
  • One Hour Guaranteed Support Response

Optional add-ons that may apply

  • $1k/mo - Per Addtional Regional Cache PoP
  • $1k/mo - Per Additional Database Replica
  • $3k/mo - Additional Support Seat
  • $10k/mo - Regional HA Clone
  • $1k setup - Per AWS Service (ie ElasticSearch)
  • $1k setup - PressThumb™ image service


We're all very happy with Pagely's amazing customer support. They've been a perfect fit for our tech needs, and we'd happily recommend them to other large content sites looking for fully-managed WordPress hosting.

Alex Baker

Program Details

One Production Site

Total network isolation from other sites and customers freeing you from the 'noisy neighbor' problem and related security risks.

Inclusive Pricing

Your success is not hampered by inflating costs - your pricing only changes when you elect to expand capabilities.

Bespoke HA Production Cluster

During discovery, we will design a phased infrastructure plan with the critical pieces to engage and scale as you grow. You always know what's coming next.

Unlimited Dev/Staging Sites

A best practice deployment methodology dictates a qualitative QA approach. Sync the production site into any number of staging instances on separate hardware at any time.

Separate Dev/Staging

A near exact clone of your production cluster, just smaller in instance size, that allows you to fully test and QA any changes under real-world conditions.

Dedicated Aurora Database Pair

The Amazon Aurora RDS service provides a great blend of performance and reliability. A pair of Database nodes with automatic failover and note-worthy performance.

Post-Deploy Code Review

Code Review on your terms. Deploy as you see fit, then when ready, tag your deploy and our team will review the commit, making any needed performance or security changes to a branch.

What is Post-Deploy Code Review?

Rather than require that we review each line of code prior to deployment, possibly introducing delays in your workflow, our Post-Deploy code review service allows your team to work quicker, making changes as needed to your WP instance. When you feel a commit may need another set of eyes, adding a simple tag on the commit will alert our staff to commence a detailed review and recommend or make any necessary tweaks. And changes will be commit to a new branch for your use.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every member of our team is a top-performer - skilled in all facets of engineering, Ops, and support. However, we understand the desire for a single point of contact - this is it.

Two Support Seats

Our team is best able to assist when we build rapport with yours. Two support seats are provided for your key engineers to interface directly with ours.

Private Slack Channel

Efficient communication between our teams is vital. While most items should be directed through a ticket or your account manager, real-time discussion in Slack is useful for speedy issue resolution and guidance.

Full Site Monitoring/Alerts

Event-based alerts and performance trend monitoring allows us to respond quickly and identify historical and predictive trends in growth and performance.

Playbook / Documentation

We'll craft & maintain a playbook + robust documentation specific to your hosting environment, enabling your team. Help get new members up to speed quickly with clear and concise documentation.

Quarterly Performance Audit

A finely-tuned machine requires periodic maintenance. Our DevOps team will perform a full audit of your site performance every quarter and recommend, or implement, improvements as needed.

One Hour Guaranteed Support Response

We monitor many facets of the site at all times and will address events within minutes - rest assured that any support requests initiated by you has a 1 hour guaranteed response time.

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