How Pagely is Using Adaptive Video to Deliver Consultative Sales at Scale

At Pagely, we believe it’s possible to do big things with small teams through creative use of technology. We also believe in offering our visitors options not mandates for how they can choose to engage with us. Our public pre-sales knowledge base with over 500 real sales exchanges was our first step in this direction, and we just recently unveiled the latest evolution of this effort in the form of a project we affectionately dubbed “Bottled Beard” – you’ll see why when you watch it. 😉

Bottled Beard makes progressive use of “choose your own adventure” adaptive video to deliver a self-serve option for visitors, enabling them to explore a consultative sales experience without ever actually engaging a human.

Try it out now on our quote page to experience it first-hand yourself.

The Pagely team believes in an “open source business ethos,” and we try to continuously distill lessons from our trials & travails and shares those ideas with our community whenever possible. To that end, I recently sat down with my contact at Dot, the company that provides the platform we used to deliver the adaptive video experience. In the 35 minute discussion below we open the kimono to show:

  • Results this effort has generated
  • Lessons learned from the building process
  • Exactly what was involved in implementation
  • Plans for future enhancements
  • The win-win of how we’re able to both deliver a compelling experience for visitors while simultaneously extracting structured, pre-sales input from prospects and leverage that data through highly-targeted follow-up automations via our CRM

Below are the slides from that conversation:

In all, we’re pleased with the Bottled Beard effort thus far. We’ve seen a number of very positive tweets and emails from people who appreciate being able to engage with Matt without actually having to book and attend a call. Giving you options to be able to get information on your own terms is what we’re after, and we feel this project goes a long way towards that end. Bottled Beard has yielded an extra 30 sales leads since being deployed and has reduced our bounce rate on the quote page by 8% over this time last year. We feel there’s definitely room to improve the experience but are satisfied with version one of this project.

If you’ve done anything similar with adaptive video or are considering doing something like this for your visitors, we’d love to hear your experience in the comments. Please share any advice or questions you might have on this subject. And if you find this content useful, drop us a note if you’d be interested in seeing a followup piece that shows off the powerful “Leviathan” intelligent follow-up framework we developed layered on top of our CRM system, ActiveCampaign.

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