Add Content Requirement Checklists to the WordPress Post Editor

If you have additional writers who are contributing to your website, or you are managing a multi-author blog, then the plugin we are looking at today has the ability to help you make sure your team are submitting posts with the all the necessary elements.

By using the newly released Post Type Requirements Checklist plugin you can define which elements each post must include, such as title, categories, tags, excerpt and more. You are free to choose which elements are included in the checklist, and then a post will not be able to be published until each item is present and has been checked off the list by the plugin.

If you or your co-writers often forget to add a featured image or more than one tag to your posts, then this plugin can ensure that you never do so again. To find out how this plugin can help improve your website, read on for our Post Type Requirements Checklist review.

How to Use the Post Type Requirements Checklist Plugin

As the Post Type Requirements Checklist plugin is free to use, it can be installed on your site directly from the WordPress plugin directory

To do so, log into your site’s admin area ( and then navigate to Plugins > Add New using the sidebar menu.

From the Add Plugins screen, enter ‘Post Type Requirements Checklist’ in the search field and then install the first item listed in the results.

Add Post Requirements Plugin

Once the plugin has been installed and activated the settings can be accessed from the newly added sidebar menu item.

Creating the Post Checklist

From the Post Type Requirements Checklist item on the Settings menu, you can enable the different elements that you would like to add to the checklist.

Post Checklist Options

As you can see, all of the core features of the WordPress post editor are available for selection. Once you’ve chosen which items to include, the post editor screen will be updated to feature the checklist.

Requirements Checklist

As you or your writers create a post, the various elements on the list will be automatically checked off as they are completed.

Checklist Complete

It’s not until the entire list has been checked off that the publish button appears, only allowing you to publish a post once all the requirements have been met.


Post Type Requirements Checklist is a simple but effective plugin that makes it easy for you to create a reminder for yourself and your co-authors to ensure a post has all the accompanying content before it’s published.

It would be nice if you could add your own items to the checklist, or the plugin could detect the presence of popular third party plugins, such as WordPress SEO, and then add those elements to the checklist.

The same developer has also created the Add Post Type Instructions plugin which allows you to publish instructions on the post editor screen to provide more information for your writers. Using these two plugins together could be a great way to really ensure that you get the content you want, added to your site in the way that you want it.

If you want to ensure that each page or post on your WordPress website is published with a specific set of elements, the Post Type Requirements Checklist is an easy to use option that works really well.

If you have any questions about this plugin, please leave them below.

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  1. I would love WordPress SEO and All-In-One Rich Snippets to be able to work with this. I want to require these be completed thoroughly before clients hit publish.

  2. (plugin author)

    I’m toying with creating some add-on plugins that work with the Post Type Requirements Checklist to extend its functionality. There’s an overwhelming number of 3rd party plugins out there that have become popular in different circles. I would think adding functionality for each would slow down PTRC and serve to make the settings pages confusing. If I can make individual add-ons for each one, it might solve that problem.

    Chime in with other potential 3rd party plugins I should develop for.