Chris Lema: A Daily Blogger with a Difference

Blogging every day isn’t easy, but there are some people out there who manage to make it look effortless. One of those daily bloggers who has been successful at positioning himself firmly on the intersection of quantity and quality is Chris Lema.

Chris is embedded deep in the world of WordPress, and as well as blogging daily at his own site (plus regular guest posts at other first-rate blogs), he is also able to find time to speak regularly at WordCamp events around the country, and take part in a wide range of panel discussions.

However, Chris is no pro-blogger as he earns his crust as vice president of software engineering at an enterprise software solutions company. With a proper day job in place, you can see that Chris’ contributions to the WordPress community are a true labor of love.

Best Content from

While the majority of the writing from Chris has a strong slant towards WordPress, there is also a lot of content that is published which covers other aspects of being professional and excelling in a number of disciplines.

These additional topics include advice on presenting and public speaking, freelancing, pricing effectively, and product development, to name just a few.

With a daily publishing schedule, there is a virtual mountain of content at so to help you get started here are some of the recent highlights from the blog:

As you can see Chris mixes advice on which plugins to choose for specific types of sites, alongside actionable advice on improving the effectiveness of your website in a number of ways. This is all in addition to practical advice on being better at what you do in a range of arenas, all shared through his popular brand of storytelling.

Why You Should Follow Chris

If you are a regular WordPress user or you are working in a startup, in product development, or are offering your services as a freelancer, then you should definitely subscribe to Chris’ blog.

With such as an extensive background and fingers in many pies, you never know what you will learn each day from Chris, but you will no doubt learn something.

If a new blog post each and every day isn’t enough for you, then you can also choose from the three books Chris has written on topics such as building virtual teams, and getting pricing right. For personalized one to one advice on many of these topics, you can also reach Chris via

If you can see the value in this content then you can follow Chris on Twitter, and catch up on his WordCamp presentations over at his speaker archive at


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  1. I’m following him since a few months, and I’m wondering how he does manage to publish as much content on his blog and on other blogs every day, with his daily work ! It would be interesting to see his daily time table : )

  2. I am a big fan and regular reader of Chris’s blog. I can’t imagine how he is able to maintain the high standard of his post quality on a daily basis. I’m overwhelmed.