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Are you looking for robust enterprise WordPress hosting? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Pagely® we have decided to focus on the higher end of the market and are developing new features all the time for our VPS & fully dedicated plans.

Some of our current enterprise customers include household names like Yammer, Vonage, Vail Resorts, Payless, Twitter, Facebook, Evite, SendGrid, and many universities. In addition, our enterprise customers benefit from near infinite scalability (we’re based on Amazon’s AWS), global locations (not just for caching), and robust security we call PressArmor™. We utilize TrustWave’s ModSecurity to round things out.

Beyond security, the other managed aspects our enterprise/VPS plans have includes speed tuning/performance optimization reviews, and managed updates to both core and plugins. We run testing to ensure updates go smoothly and we never touch your theme since it often contains a lot of customization (CSS) around it.

As for the hardware, all of our Amazon machines are 64-bit top of the line, and our enterprise plans range from a single VPS up to a fully load balanced dedicated pair, and if you’re too large for that we can even do cluster setups. We also offer load balanced VPS pairs for those that need redundancy but don’t have the traffic to warrant a full pair of dedicated machines. All of our enterprise and VPS plans come with a built-in CDN that we call PressCDN™, which utilizes 4 backend providers and routes traffic intelligently depending on where your visitors are coming from. Our plans also feature PressCache™ which means subsequent page loads are lightning fast for cacheable content.

Being enterprise grade, our VPS WordPress hosting and enterprise plans feature both SSH and direct database access, as well as the ability to use whatever staging and deployment tools you’d like, whether it’s Git, Capistrano, or Beanstalk. Backups are run nightly to Amazon S3 and in addition you can one-click to download a full copy of site files and DB to your local machine as often as you’d like. Having problems with timeout values? We can offer you flexibility, just inquire.

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