HubSpot WordPress Integration for Beginners

HubSpot is all-in-one inbound marketing software tool that can allow you to optimize your WordPress website for lead generation and conversion. Site owners use HubSpot to improve traffic generation, lead capture, automated nurturing and sales conversion and with Q3 2017 revenues of $97.7 million, HubSpot has cemented themselves as a force to be reckoned with in this space.

HubSpot does bundle its own content management system (CMS), but many marketers don’t realize that a HubSpot WordPress integration is possible via a plugin that gives you an easy way to continue using WordPress as your CMS while integrating HubSpot into your site for your inbound marketing efforts.

What can HubSpot do for WordPress?

HubSpot enhances your WordPress website by allowing you to drive quality traffic, lead conversions, customer communications, sales and increased customer happiness. It’s a full-service inbound marketing software platform targeted to help you achieve your businesses success.

HubSpot’s inbound marketing framework can help you create a WordPress website that sees more traffic, by doing things like attracting more visitors, converting those visitors into leads, turning those leads into customers, and turning those customers into promoters of your brand, which will, in turn, attract even more visitors.

What to Expect Next:

We’ve had several clients use the HubSpot and WordPress integration plugin, and they have seen tremendous results from connecting their website with their inbound marketing software.

Some of the results include:

  • 4x increase in website traffic
  • 2x increase in organic website traffic
  • 228% increase in social media website traffic
  • 140% increase in referral website traffic
  • 47% increase in view to lead rate
  • 38% increase in landing page conversions

To get HubSpot and WordPress implemented is fairly simple. All you need is the HubSpot tracking code that you then embed onto your WordPress site and install the HubSpot plugin.

What should you do once you’re set up?

  • I recommend adding a call-to-action from HubSpot on each page of your WordPress website. Using the plugin, you will be able to easily see which calls-to-action are generating the most clicks and leads.
  • Wherever you’re using a WordPress form, replace that with a HubSpot form. You can do this using the embed code from HubSpot. This will allow you to trigger automation and workflows based off of the form submission.
  • Set up your email automation in HubSpot based on the above form submissions and conversions on your website. This will allow you to truly maximize the value of the HubSpot and WordPress integration by nurturing your leads as they convert on your website.
  • Measure your analytics. With the plugin, you will be able to easily see which channels are not only driving the most visits, but more importantly, the most leads and customers. This is critical to analyzing your inbound marketing strategy daily, weekly and monthly to make sure you’re optimizing your strategy to coincide with your businesses goals.

For one client, prior to using HubSpot and the WordPress plugin, they were not able to track conversions on their website, get detailed analytics including how people were finding their website and, most importantly, get data on how people converted on calls-to-action.

Using the WordPress plugin in conjunction with HubSpot has allowed them to truly maximize the value of their website to turn it into a lead generation engine. Since the transition, they have seen their website visits increase by an average of 352% over the first 6 months of the transition and leads increase by 124% over the first 6 months.

Where to go to learn more

You can start learning more by accessing countless tips and tricks and subscribing to HubSpot’s blogs. If you have a WordPress site now, here are some quick integration tips for your HubSpot trial or your new HubSpot platform:

  • Track website activity with advanced analytics in HubSpot
  • Plug into CTA messaging that works with HubSpot CTA tracking
  • Add HubSpot forms to your WordPress site to increase your conversion rate
  • Optimize your website content and search engine optimization with HubSpot Page Performance tools

HubSpot also has a completely free Academy and Inbound Marketing Certification that you can take to start to familiarize yourself with the inbound marketing methodology.

HubSpot and WordPress integration can be a powerful tool for your inbound marketing efforts. Please keep in mind that the only way to be truly effective is to have a holistic inbound marketing strategy that covers all facets of the inbound methodology.

Making a strategic decision to start with inbound marketing will help maximize your online marketing efforts by increasing website visitors, lead generation, customers, and happy customers! Inbound marketing empowers marketers to attract visitors, convert leads, close customers and delight promoters.

If you’re using HubSpot with WordPress now, please share your experience and/or questions/issues in the comments section below.