The Matt Report: Podcast Interviews for Fine Tuning Your WordPress Business

Matt Medeiros is the brains behind the Matt Report, a WordPress business podcast for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. In each episode, Matt interviews people working with WordPress to find out more about their business, services, or what they are up to in general.

If you are working with WordPress in any way, or just enjoy using the software for your own projects, then the Matt Report is definitely one outlet where you can learn new things and gain insights into the world of WordPress, all via the weekly podcast.

Who is Behind the Matt Report

The Matt Report was started in 2012 by Matt Medeiros, when he began interviewing WordPress entrepreneurs and posting the exchanges as video and audio podcasts. Previous to launching the Matt Report, its creator started a design studio in 2008 with his father, where they and their team create websites for clients using WordPress.

Top Content from the Matt Report

While there are plenty of podcast episodes to choose from — stretching back nearly two years — here are some great interviews from notable members of the WordPress community and users of the platform to help you get acquainted with the Matt Report:

Other Projects and Services

As well as the free content that is published on the blog and podcast, there is also a premium Pro version. The Matt Report Pro has been created to support freelancers, consultants, product developers, and small agency owners using WordPress with their business goals.

Members of Matt Report Pro get access to the private forums, a monthly group mastermind call, and excusive content, including training videos from successful entrepreneurs.

In addition to the Matt Report, Matt Medeiros also publishes a regular stream of video casts to the Slocum Studio YouTube channel. The videos form the SEO Lunch series, which discusses the week’s hottest SEO news in 15 minutes or less; and the Press This series which takes a look at WordPress themes and plugins.

Through Slocum Themes Matt and his team also offer premium WordPress themes that have been designed for use on a range of different types of website. For those looking for on-going monthly WordPress support, the EmbraceWP service will be of interest to them.

Matt has also presented at a couple of WordCamps to date, where he has shared some of his key takeaways from interviewing the many WordPress entrepreneurs featured on his show.


If you want to hear the stories and experience gained by those already earning a living from working with WordPress, in many different capacities, then the Matt Report is essential listening.

Due to the experience Matt has picked up over the years, thanks to his involvement in many different facets of WordPress and its ecosystem, he is able to ask the right questions of his guests to ensure his listeners learn from them and are able to find ways to apply that new knowledge to their own projects.

If you need expert advice on growing your business or improving your WordPress experience, then make sure you check out the Matt Report today.

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