The Best Project Management Tools for WordPress

As you build your online business using WordPress, it’s likely you’ll find that organization is one of the more important things you can do to nurture your success (that is, after selecting a secure web host.)

Have you ever forgotten the location of a project you were just working on earlier that day?

Or have you ever found yourself needing to contact a fellow team member, only to realize there was no quick and efficient way to do so?

If so, you’re not alone.

There are plenty of project management tools for WordPress available today that offer ways of staying organized when it comes to your online business. However, wading through all of the options and features can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

That’s why I created this list of some of the best project management tools specifically designed for WordPress users looking to stay organized, connected, and headache-free.

1. Orbis

Orbis - WordPress Project Management Tools

Orbis is a powerful WordPress plugin perfect for running your online business. Packed with project management, customer relation management (CRM), and Intranet functionalities, this business tool is a flexible solution for those looking to stay organized, extend their business tools, and gain more control. Add new projects, include clients, connect with staff, and customize it all to match your needs using the sensible and easy-to-use WordPress dashboard turned business management tool.

Additional features of Orbis include:

  • Extendable functionality with plugin add-ons
  • Free Orbis framework complete with front-end Orbis theme
  • Manage projects, people, vendors, suppliers, and companies
  • Add pages or posts to your company Intranet
  • Fully translatable


2. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager - WordPress Project Management Tools

SP Project & Document Manager is a popular WordPress project management plugin for easy file sharing of any type of document. For instance, it allows users to maintain documents, records, files, videos, and images. In addition, you can manage client accounts and document distribution, as well as get clients involved in the modification of projects if you wish.

Additional features of SP Project & Document Manager include:

  • Intuitive layout for managing projects, clients, and documents
  • Monitor client uploads
  • Add staff, suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, and partners
  • Works with WordPress Multisite
  • Maintain complete control over the flow of information


3. Kanban Boards for WordPress

Kanban Boards for WordPress - WordPress Project Management Tools

Kanban Boards for WordPress is a unique WordPress plugin that lets you add Kanban boards (visual workflow tools) to your website. Ideal for project management, Kanban boards are also optimal for CRM, sales tracking, content scheduling, hiring employees, and more. With its “edit in place” feature, Kanban keeps your workflow moving quickly, easily, and directly from the board. In addition, it provides an easy interface for customizing each board per your client’s needs, estimates completion times, and lets you monitor logged hours.

Additional features of Kanban include:

  • Filter and search for tasks, then bookmark for easy access
  • Store data separately from WordPress data for extra privacy and security
  • Collaborate and review in real-time
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy task assignment


4. Project Panorama

Project Panorama - WordPress Project Management Tools

Project Panorama is a robust plugin designed for WordPress users looking to streamline client interactions and project management. It has a visual project dashboard with instant access to any project. In addition, each client or team member you collaborate with can have their own customized dashboard previewing only the projects assigned to them. Lastly, you can discuss all projects in one convenient location so projects don’t overwhelm your email inbox.

Additional features of Project Panorama include:

  • Automatic project updates
  • Project templates for setting up new projects quickly
  • Request changes or make approvals directly on project pages
  • Compare project assignment, status, and projected completion deadlines
  • Fully translatable and mobile friendly

PRICE: Starting at $59

5. TaskFreak!

TaskFreak! - WordPress Project Management Tools

TaskFreak! Is a great project management plugin for creating projects, assigning tasks, communicating with team members, and monitoring project status. This project management tool is designed for those who need a simple and easy solution for staying organized and connected. Built into the WordPress dashboard, TaskFreak! gives users a way to create, edit, and delete all projects and tasks. In addition, you can add attachments to tasks and leave comments using the built-in commenting system.

Additional features of TaskFreak! include:

  • Fully integration with default WordPress users and roles
  • Mobile friendly
  • Create private and public projects
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy installation


6. WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager - WordPress Project Management Tools

WP Project Manager boasts being the best project management plugin on the market today. Full-featured and meant to work directly with WordPress, this project management tool includes only the things you need to run a successful online business and nothing more. For example, create new projects, assign members to tasks, send messages, attach files to messages, and leave comments directly on tasks or projects. In addition, make to-do lists, follow a task progress bar, and even mark any project as complete/incomplete.

Additional features of WP Project Manager include:

  • Create and track milestones for collaborators to follow
  • Monitor all uploaded files in one place
  • Easily navigate to any project, task, message, or comment
  • Control all user roles and limit project visibility
  • Utilize the built-in commenting system to communicate


7. CQPIM WordPress Project Management

CQPIM - WordPress Project Management Tools

CQPIM WordPress Project Management is a full-featured project management tool for managing clients and team members alike. Combining all project management needs into one easy to use plugin, CQPIM works to get projects organized and communication cleared up so progress is made and success is had. For example, maintain complete control over the workflow, utilize the powerful settings panel for customizing projects, and assign roles limiting visibility of projects. In addition, provide each client their own individualized dashboard with everything they need to stay involved with their projects.

Additional features of CQPIM include:

  • Track milestones, tasks, and deadlines
  • Create team member to-do lists
  • One-click cloning of quotes and projects
  • Automatically generate and send invoices for completed projects
  • Online contract acceptance

PRICE: $38

8. Task Manager

Task Manager - WordPress Project Management Tools

Task Manager is a lightweight, fast-performing WordPress plugin for all of your project management needs. For instance, create new projects and tasks, assign to team members, and track completion times. In addition, categorize tasks by date for easy monitoring and accessibility. Lastly, team members can comment with the date and time spent on any project they have been assigned to.

Additional features of Task Manager include:

  • Email notifications of project assignments
  • Export tasks in text format or integrate into a report
  • Monitor user activity thanks to the plugin’s chronology
  • Archive all completed tasks and projects
  • Display tasks or projects in any post or page using a shortcode


Final Thoughts

In the end, there’s definitely no shortage when it comes to project management tools for WordPress. And, with so many available options, all with different features that may appeal to you and your overall management goals, you can rest assured there is a solution for you. So, pick a solution from this list of project management tools for WordPress and start getting organized and connected today.

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  1. Is the CQPIM WordPress Project Management Plugin good for a couple as well or just project management. Before I buy it I was wondering if I would need a crm on top.

  2. Hey, Corey from Kanban for WordPress here. I just wanted to let your readers know we’re launching a completely new version 3 in July of 2018. VERSION 3 will include a ton of new features catering exactly to using Kanban for WordPress for pm. You can read more about version 3 here We’re excited!