17 Unique Themes & Plugins for Maximizing WooCommerce Sales

WooCommerce is an amazing free eCommerce tool for creating an online store, but it can’t make your business grow magically overnight – at least not on its own. To maximize sales in your online store, you need to capture visitor trust, provide a smooth and delightful shopping experience and give your customers a reason to keep coming back that goes beyond your awesome products.

To help you start the new year with a bang, we’ve looked into a wide variety of WordPress themes and plugins built for WooCommerce and chosen the freshest and most unique to help you stand apart from your competition.


Themify Ultra


Unlike other themes on this list, Themify Ultra is not dependent on third-party products like Visual Composer and Revolution Slider for its customization and presentation capabilities. The theme offers 60+ pre-built layouts and a skin designed specifically for eCommerce sites. The complete in-page customization helps you change and customize just about anything. Shop features include:

  • Ecommerce skin with one-click demo import
  • Slide-out cart
  • Smooth Ajax functionality (no clunky page reloading)
  • 15 header designs
  • Mega Menu
  • Animations and Hover Effects
  • Parallax
  • Image Filters
  • Beautiful color-shifting backgrounds options
  • Blog and Portfolio Customization
  • Font Awesome Icons and Google Fonts

Themify’s biggest eCommerce highlight is the Themify Product Filter, which allows advanced filtering of products by price, color, categories or sale and can be dropped into your layout in a vertical or horizontal design. Themify is a veteran theme shop known for its powerful theme framework and builder plugin.

Price: $49 – gets you access to the Themify theme club and free builder addons.



Savoy creates the basis for an amazing online store. Its modern minimalist design puts your products in focus, and the unique shop functionality gives your customers a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Built around the Visual Composer plugin for easy customization, Savoy offers these additional WooCommerce features:

  • Same-Page “Load More” Catalog navigation
  • Product quick-view
  • Advanced header features
  • Featured product video
  • Touch enabled sliders and galleries
  • Customizable Portfolio and Blog
  • Customer Favorites
  • Full-screen gallery for product images with zoom/pan support
  • Retina ready graphics
  • Mouse-over zoom/pan option for product images
  • Multi column mega-menu
  • Product image “lazy-loading” for improved performance
  • Wishlists
  • Login/Register popup modal

Price: $59



The Atelier theme’s strengths draw from its high-quality and versatile design centered on the customer shopping experience. Hip, modern styling is combined with one-of-a-kind functionality in the cart and catalog views, tailored for mobile browsing. It also offers flexible page layouts and product display options, a drag n’ drop page builder and unique banner designer. Atelier enhances WooCommerce in the following ways:

  • 20+ Shop Styles
  • Preloaders for better performance
  • Header Cart & Wishlist
  • 20+ Beautiful image animations
  • Revolution Slider
  • 20+ Elements such as tabs, accordions, buttons and dividers
  • Full Screen Video
  • Testimonials
  • Galleries & Portfolio
  • Catalog image sliders
  • Product Quick View
  • Instagram & Twitter Integration
  • Newsletter

Price: $64



Flatsome is the perfect theme for your shop or company website, or for all your client websites if you are an agency or freelancer. It includes a set of high-powered visual design tools to create super fast responsive layouts right in the WordPress Customizer.

Unique WooCommerce features include:

  • Live Search
  • Product Quick View
  • Category Page Slider
  • Wishlists
  • Multiple Catalog Page Layouts

Price: $39



Grayson is another eCommerce theme built for Visual Composer that comes packed with pre-designed layouts to get you up and running quickly. It offers a professional, clean design that is packed with optional effects and animations for creating a captivating brand experience for your customers. WooCommerce features include:

  • Advanced Order Tracking
  • Product Zoom
  • Slide-in Sidebar
  • Header Cart
  • Newsletter / Promo Modal
  • Stylish Product Hovers
  • Product Quick View
  • Blog and Portfolio Customization
  • Post Formats

Additionally, Grayson includes 40+ short-codes, Google Font support and 3 free icon packs.

Price: $59



Nitro is a mega theme that boasts 200+ PSD files and graphic elements, multiple niche shop styles you can preload, and is packed with popular premium plugins such as Revolution Slider and Ninja Popup for your marketing needs. Extra WooCommerce features include:

  • Catalog image pins that let you add text anywhere on an image
  • Product Quick View
  • Live Search
  • Share for Discounts
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Size Charts
  • Wishlists
  • Product Hover Effects
  • Sales Countdown
  • Photo Zoom
  • Mega Menus
  • Multiple Catalog and Product Page Layouts

Price: $29



North is an exceptionally beautiful theme that can set your shop apart from the rest through its art directed layouts and unique approach to customer experience. It focuses on quality over quantity while still providing a robust level of customizability. Features include:

  • Currency Switcher
  • Drag & Drop elements
  • PSD files and assets included
  • Pre-built Layouts
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Visual Composer
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • RTL Ready for languages like Hebrew & Arabic
  • Header Cart
  • Wishlists
  • Mega-Menu
  • Newsletter Popup Modal
  • Catalog Image hover effects
  • Product Page sliders
  • Multi-step Checkout

North also bundles several popular WooCommerce plugins to help you maximize sales, a few of which we cover in more detail in the next section.

For the designers out there, this is one of the only themes on the market built with SCSS for added performance and functionality.

Price: $46



The makers of ShopKeeper have sold tens of thousands of themes since their start just a few years ago. Their theme framework is designed to offer easy visual customization through The Visual Composer plugin and comes with several modern pre-built layouts.

ShopKeeper does not have as expansive a list of built-in WooCommerce bells and whistles as other themes on this list, but instead is focused on code quality, speed and support. This allows shop authors to add the shop functionality they need using plugins, which we’ll cover next. Shopkeeper’s highlights include:

  • Unlimited Header Layouts
  • Visual Composer
  • Revolution Slider
  • Pre-built Layouts
  • Catalog Mode
  • Wishlists
  • Header Cart
  • Portfolio / Lookbook
  • TypeKit & Google Fonts

Price: $59


Themify Product Filter

The Product Filter plugin from Themify works on any theme and offers advanced filtering for your shop pages. This free WordPress plugin allows users to easily filter through products by price range, categories, attributes, tags, and much more. You can even create filter combinations! This cool feature allows shoppers to have multiple selections which help refine the product search result. Other features include:

  • Live Search – Results are completed as you type
  • Multiple layouts – use in your sidebar or horizontally at the top of a page
  • Drag and Drop form builder – create unlimited filter forms

Price: Free

WooCommerce Booster


Booster for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that supercharges your site with essential features for customizing and managing your shop. It can add functionality to most WooCommerce sites seen in many of the themes featured above, no matter which theme you choose. The feature list is truly impressive and too numerous to list here, but highlights include:

  • Automatic Currency Conversion/Switcher
  • Discounts
  • Button Text Customization
  • Custom Price Labels
  • Bookings
  • Crowdfunding
  • Product Tab Customization
  • Checkout Field Customization
  • Mini Cart
  • PDF Invoicing
  • EU VAT Compliance
  • Custom Emails

Price: Free , or $19.99 for full support

Social Login


Over 77% of consumers prefer social login when using an eCommerce site. Social Login plugins allow your customers to login to their account page or leave reviews using their social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram or Foursquare. There are multiple plugins offering this functionality for WooCommerce with varying styles and features but the WooCommerce Social Login plugin by wpweb offers the most features and options for the value, including reports, user sync and custom login redirects.

Price: $39

Tip: If you only need three networks and basic support, check out the free Yith WooCommerce Social Login plugin.



Many of our featured themes include Wishlists via this wonderful plugin, Yith WooCommerce Wishlist. If you’ve chosen a more moderate theme that allows you to add only the functionality you need, this is a wonderful and lightweight addition to any shop your customers will love.

Price: Free

Newsletters & Promos


Yith Newsletter Popup is a simple to configure plugin that displays a modal popup when visitors land on your page. You can insert images, promo messages and a newsletter form. The plugin also supports display of any product you choose.

Price: Free

Combine this with the Mailchimp for WordPress plugin to add Mailchimp opt-in forms and direct subscribe methods to reviews, checkout or any widget area of your theme and increase your return customers.

Price: Free



WooThumbs is a feature-rich plugin for super-powering your product image display which can lead to better visitor engagement and a brand delivery that feels more high-end. It adds touch support for themes that don’t have it, and integrates nicely with any theme. Features Include:

  • Image Zoom
  • Image Carousel
  • Thumbnail Navigation
  • Full-screen Gallery
  • Multiple Images per Variation
  • Horizontal, Vertical, and Fade Modes
  • Product Video
  • Multiple Layout Options

Price: $25

Rewards Points


Sumo Reward Points is a complete WooCommerce loyalty reward points system. Loyalty points reward your customers for actions such as product purchases, writing reviews, sign up, referrals and social sharing. The earned reward points can be redeemed for future purchases, increasing return visits and growing your customer base. The plugin offers the flexibility to define reward points at product level, category level or global level and supports fixed reward points for product purchase or reward by percentage of the product price.

Price: $49

Dynamic Discounts


WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts lets you manage product pricing rules and cart discounts easily. Set up attractive discounts for customers who buy large quantities. Run special holiday promotions or set up clearance sales.

This plugin helps you create long term pricing strategies to keep your best customers engaged through a wide variety of discount options, including VIP clubs, bulk shopping discounts and more. There are endless scenarios, many of which you can see outlined on the plugin’s homepage for inspiration.

Price: $29

Rentals & Booking


If you run a business based largely or in part on rental equipment or services, Woocommerce Rentals & Booking System can help you streamline your business and increase your client list by integrating the scheduling and inventory aspects of your business with WooCommerce on your website. The Rentals & Booking plugin allows you to setup your products and services in a normal shop catalog mode, assign a standard price, package or hourly rate and ties it into a sleek checkout and booking system where clients can browse, reserve, pay and track all in one place.

You benefit from reporting, customer management and invoicing, effectively replacing other more expensive tools.

Price: $17

Final Thoughts

There’s certainly no shortage of themes and plugins that can give your WooCommerce shop an edge, and we hope that you found something new and/or useful from this list.

What are your favorite themes and plugins for WooCommerce?

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